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Written by: William C. Narrated by: Bill Quinn.

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Length: 8 hrs and 28 mins. Regular price. And McCade, the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, has only three months to find him. Imperial Bounty Sam McCade, 2. Give rating. Sam McCade, 2 Start a new discussion about this book Show all topics. Princess Claudia takes advantage of her kidnapped brother's absence and seize power to create war with the Il Ronn, unless bounty hunter, McCade, can find. Dietz born is an American science fiction writer, principally of military science fiction novels and video game novelizations.

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Show books on CD or all formats. Imperial Bounty Dietz, William C. MP3 Sam McCade 2. Those were the days, weren't they, Sam? The old Imperial wasn't much compared to today's battleships. Still we showed the pirates a thing or two, didn't we? By god.

Only one man can hunt down the sacred object. A man with a score to settle with the pirates: bounty hunter supreme Sam McCade.

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