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Ireland Story time Romance

So if they are attempting to entice you with Pg mo Thin Kiss my ass! B Yeats is right. Romantic Ireland is dead and gone. Or possibly dead but still twitching.

Fear not, if you can't find a suitable kissing partner, you can always grab a 'Galway Hooker'. This is a local craft beer that goes down easily! While on your Vagabond Tour of Ireland, all this romance in the air may encourage you to renew your wedding vows.

Kilmalkedar Church on the Dingle Peninsula may just be the ideal location. Here, there is an ancient Celtic Ogham stone which has a hole in it. Today many archaeologists believe this carved stone may have been used by pagan druids to perform ancient marriage ceremonies in pre Christian times. The ogham writing could have been added in the early Christian period. It's an ideal opportunity for you and your partner to slip your fingers in, let them meet in the middle and the magic is renewed.

It truly is the best way to have your relationship "Set in Stone". The Irish took the phrase,"Go forth and multiply" very seriously. We believe we have successfully conquered the world, through reproduction. Globally there are over over 70 million people claiming Irish ancestry. This national ambition to "Spread the love", has resulted in the global phenomenon of the Irish being everywhere.

A (Very!) Short Introduction to the Irish Language

On St Patrick's Day it seems, the world over becomes Irish. Everyone wants to be Irish cause everyone loves the Irish.

I thought I was beyond online dating. Then I took a chance

Master brewer Arthur Guinness invented Guinness in Old tales talk about Olivia, Arthur's wife, being very deaf. Apparently every night, Arthur would arrive home late from work and curl in beside Olivia. He would whisper in her ear, "Shall we sleep or what? To which she would reply, "What? When it comes to romantic hotels, we at Vagabond, have included some of the best available. Our northern tours include Beech Hill Country House. Ireland is well known for its castles.

And a castle hotel is always a highlight. But many a visitor to Ireland describes Gougane Barra in the south as the ultimate romantic setting.

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Indeed many Irish do too. This is where I proposed to Genevieve. I caught her on a good day. Patrick, The Click to view. Laddie Buck of Mine Click to view. Lament of the Irish Emigrant, The Click to view. Lament of the Irish Lover Click to view. Land O'Romance, The Click to view. Lannagin's Shillalah Click to view.


Larry Moore Click to view. Lass I Love, The Click to view. Last Rose of Summer, The Click to view. Last Sod of Turf, The Click to view. Laughing Irish Eyes Click to view. Leaves of the Shamrock, The Click to view. Legend of the Maguire, The Click to view. Leprehaun, The Click to view. Let's Help the Irish Now Click to view. Lights of Bantry Bay, The Click to view. Listen to that Irish Ragtime Band Click to view. Little American Boy Click to view. Little Annie Rooney Click to view. Little Galway Cloak, The Click to view. Little Irish Dance Click to view.

Little Irish Girl, The Click to view. Little Irish Home Click to view. Little Irish Rose Click to view.

The “P.S. I Love You” Guide to Ireland

Little Maggie Ann Click to view. Little Maggie Brady Click to view. Little Maggie Magee Click to view. Little Miss Killarney Click to view. Little Red Lark, The Click to view. Little Skillet Pot, The Click to view. Little Tommy Murphy Click to view. Little Widow Dunn, The Click to view.

Londonderry Air Click to view. Londonderry Air 2 Click to view. Love Dreams Click to view. Love of the Shamrock, The Click to view.

Love Like This

Lovely Katie Click to view. Love's Old Sweet Song Click to view. Low Back'd Car, The Click to view. Luck O' the Road Click to view. Mac O-Macorkity Click to view. Macnamara's Band Click to view. Macushla Click to view. Maggie McGlynn Click to view. Maggie Murphy's Home Click to view. Major O'Flaherty Click to view. Mamie Brady's the girl for me Click to view. Man Know Thyself Click to view.

Mar-an-da Click to view. Martyrs of Ireland, The Click to view. Mary Click to view. Mary Ann Click to view. Mary Ellen Click to view. Mary O'Brien Click to view. Mary Regan Click to view. Mary Tracy 'How would you like to become a Casey? McAlheeny's Cake Walk Click to view. McCarthy in Picardy Click to view. Meet Mister Callaghan Click to view. Meeting of the Waters, The Click to view. Message of a Dying Engineer, The Click to view. Michael McGinnity Click to view.

Mick McGilligan's Ball Click to view. Mickey Click to view. Mickey Donohue Click to view. Mickey O'Neil Click to view.

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Micky, Midnight Sons, The Click to view.