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Also, while the third person plural "they" has no gender in English, the French equivalents "ils" and "elles" do. However, when pronounced, they normally sound the same as "il" and "elle", so distinguishing the difference requires understanding of the various conjugations of the verbs following the pronoun. Also, if a group of people consists of both males and females, the male form is used, even with a majority of females — however, this sensibly yields to overwhelming majority: given a group of only one male to thousands of females, the female form would be used.

For more, see the Wikipedia entry. French verbs can be formed in four moods, each of which express a unique feeling. Each mood has a varying number of tenses, which indicate the time when an action takes place. In the next section, we will look at the conjugations in the present tense of the indicative mood, more commonly called the present indicative.

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There is one conjugation for each of the six subject pronouns. The infinitive form is the basic form of a verb. It does not refer to a particular tense, person or subject. In this book, the infinitive form of the verb is used to identify it.

In French, the infinitive is one word. For example, parler translates to to speak , finir translates to to finish , and aller translates to to go. French verbs conjugate , which means they take different shapes depending on the subject. Most French verbs will conjugate into many different forms.

Most verbs are regular, which means that they conjugate in the same way.

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The most common verbs, however, are irregular. It is an irregular verb, and is not conjugated like any other verb. To respond positively, you say Oui, je suis d'accord. D'accord corresponds to the English okay. When stating your nationality or job, it is not necessary to include the article. This is an exception to the normal rule. There is both a masculine and feminine form of saying your nationality - for males and females respectively. Just like articles, French adjectives also have to match the nouns that they modify in gender and plurality. Generally, the final consonant is pronounced only when it comes before an -e.

Most adjectives, such as those above, are affected by this rule. With plural adjectives, the -s ending is not pronounced, so the adjective will sound exactly the same as the singular form. Adjectives that end in e in the masculine form do not change in gender. When an adjective, such as gros, ends in -s , it does not change in the masculine plural form. Sometimes the final consonant is doubled in the feminine form. This process is called liaison.

In this book, will will show that the sound is connected using z. Most French verbs fall into the category of -er verbs. To conjugate, drop the -er to find the "stem" or "root". Add endings to the root based on the subject and tense. In all conjugations, je changes to j ' when followed by a vowel.

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Example: J'attends. Also, as a rule of thumb: h is considered a vowel; as in J'habite If a phrase is negative, ne changes to n'. In all plural forms, the s at the end of each subject pronoun, normally unpronounced, becomes a z sound and the n of on becomes pronounced when followed by a vowel. The verb s'amuser means to have fun in English.

It is a type of pronominal verb a verb that includes a pronoun as part of it called a reflexive verb, which means that the action of the verb is reflect ed back onto the subject. Literally translated, the verb means To amuse oneself. Like in English, some verbs can be followed by infinitives. Besides the new vocabulary you should also have a look at how the verbs are conjugated depending on the subject of the sentence. You will learn their conjugation in a later lesson. Thus, mon amie is used instead of ma amie , while ma bonne amie would be okay.

Indirect objects are prepositional phrases with the object of the preposition, a direct object is a noun that receives the action of a verb.

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  • Lui and leur are indirect object pronouns. When used with the direct object pronouns le, la , and les , lui and leur come after those pronouns. Note that while le, la , and les are used to replace people or inanimate objects, lui and leur are not used to replace innanimate objects and things. Also note that unlike le and la , which are shortened to l' when followed by a vowel, lui is never shortened. The verb jouer is a regular -er verb meaning to play. It can be used to refer to both sports and instruments. The Great Jazz Drummers. For Percussion. Published by Modern Drummer Publications.

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