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By contrast, the Ministry of Health declined to comment on the matter, saying that female circumcision is, in fact, 'not a medical procedure', and therefore 'not in their competence'.

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The Criminal Code states that sexual mutilation, such as FGM, is a criminal offense punishable by up to 12 years in jail, even if the offence is committed abroad. In , Sweden was the first western country in the world to explicitly prohibit genital mutilation.

Taking a UK citizen or permanent resident abroad for the purpose of FGM is a criminal offence whether or not it is lawful in the country the girl is taken to. The number of women aged 15—49 resident in England and Wales born in FGM practicing regions having migrated to the UK was in and increased to in The number of women of all ages having undergone FGM rituals was estimated to be in The city with the highest prevalence of FGM in was London , at a rate of There is some evidence to indicate that FGM is practiced in Ontario and across Canada among immigrant and refugee communities.

As of , 33 U.

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Fauziya Kasinga , a year-old member of the Tchamba -Kunsuntu tribe of Togo, was granted asylum in after leaving an arranged marriage to escape FGM; this set a precedent in US immigration law because it was the first time FGM was accepted as a form of persecution. The tradition was extremely secretive and taboo until a incident, in which a girl died as a result of FGM.

The incident caused much controversy, raised awareness and stimulated debate about ending the practice altogether. In there were several anecdotal reports of FGM being practiced amongst migrant communities in Australia.

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It is also a criminal offence to take, or propose to take, a child outside Australia to have a FGM procedure performed. In the first national study by researches at the Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney found 59 girls having attended medical staff since , with many having had the most extreme form of the procedure done to them. A fifth of those had infibulation , the removal of the clitoris and external genitalia with the opening sewed up. The number was deemed to strongly underestimate the true number of cases.

Most of the procedures had been done overseas, but two children born in Australia had the procedure done in New South Wales and a third child born in Australia had been taken to Indonesia to have the procedure done. Of the 59 girls, only 13 had been in contact with child protection services.

The two most common countries of birth for the girls were Somalia 24 and Eritrea Under a amendment to the Crimes Act, it is illegal to perform "any medical or surgical procedure or mutilation of the vagina or clitoris of any person" for reasons of "culture, religion, custom or practice". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Female genital mutilation. Further information: Maputo Protocol. Main article: Female genital mutilation in Nigeria.

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Women talking about their personal experiences of female genital mutilation FGM

Studies in Family Planning. February State Department, 1 June The Guardian. Survey data are available for Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Sudan alone accounts for about 3. American Sociological Review.

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Asylum Law and Female Genital Mutilation: Recent Developments

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Female genital mutilation: asylum seeker fights deportation to the Gambia

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