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He says he was shot during a rescue mission in Panama in , that he has two Purple Heart medals for wounds suffered in Afghanistan and Syria, and that he was on protection duty 30 feet behind John F. Peterson takes the medication Abilify prescribed for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and says he stays close to the hospital so he can see his social worker and apply for housing.

He pushes a shopping cart filled with his tent and other belongings half a mile up a small hill to make his hospital appointments. He becomes animated when he talks about his family — two girls who, he says, attend UCLA and visit him every other night. Asking a homeless veteran what they think the future holds for them is a way of asking about the kind of life they want — or fear. Marc Cote, a five-year Army veteran who lives in a tent in Westwood Park, a few blocks from the VA hospital, wants to be left alone. Park rangers patrol the ground and sometimes demand that Cote take his tent down before 6 a.

It will take years until the 1, planned residential units are complete. Meanwhile thousands of veterans will remain on the street, finding food, shelter and companionship where they can. Jack Rumpf remembers an incident from when he was flying his sign at a stoplight in Brentwood. If I was dead this would be all over. Monte Williams, who has housing, feels an urgency towards his fellow veterans.

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Latest News 3 months ago. Top Stories. Learning Curves October 24, This feeling usually weighs us down and for the better part of the period, we sometimes forget how to be happy or excited at anything because we are allowing our bank account and pockets become our happiness thermometer. Being broke does not mean that you have to breakdown and wallow in self-pity; the amount of money in your pocket or bank account does not determine your success in life. Your success is dependent on the how well you manage your finances and ultimately to God who gives wealth and adds no sorrow to it.

Taking deliberate actions to manage your money better can help you to stay on top of your bills and save lots money every year.

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We patronize our current desires and prioritize them above the long term-goals that would have been more beneficial to us, without giving any thoughts to the simple fact that the rainy days will come knocking soon. Every great and accomplished man had pitfalls on a daily basis, but just like the Ant in the Bible, they worked tirelessly and forged ahead. No matter how little your income may be, learn to imbibe the culture of saving — it also nurtures a great value in us like self-discipline, foresight and a contentment. There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man spendth it up Proverbs