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Cajun Cooking

Houston food writer Mai Pham explains that the style, though inspired by Louisiana, truly originated in Houston following Hurricane Katrina. It was really in the mids after the hurricane that the Viet-Cajun movement really took off.

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In fact, those earlier Vietnamese-owned crawfish shops in New Orleans have stayed stubbornly true to the Cajun blueprint, while in Houston and Los Angeles, the de facto crawfish preparation is the Vietnamese one, a divergence discussed in the Gulf Coast episode of Ugly Delicious. Houston is the most interesting food city in America. Today, Houston has opened its doors to more refugees than any other city in America—first-generation Southerners who will join other immigrants in shaping the future and food of their new home as those before them have. The success story of Vietnamese-Cajun crawfish certainly speaks to that future.

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How much of Southern cuisine is the food of slave cooks rejiggering ingredients and foodstuffs found at the plantations on which they toiled? Though often erased from the cheerful Colonel Sanders narratives of the South, it was largely the contributions of African-Americans that laid the groundwork for dishes we consider emblematic of Southern cooking, from fried chicken to collard greens.

Swamp People: Cooking the Cajun Way - History

Today, Houston has opened its doors to more refugees than any other city in America —first-generation Southerners who will join other immigrants in shaping the future and food of their new home as those before them have. The cuisine—reaping the benefits from its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico—is decidedly a melting pot, a reflection of the variety of cultures that occupy this city: Cajun, Creole, Caribbean, Southern, French, African, and Spanish. Seafood is consumed largely on Fridays.

Tom Fitzmorris, a radio food show host, says the number of restaurants now has dwarfed the pre-flood number. This was before washing machines, of course.

Five Quintessential Cajun Foods

On Monday, you would wash your clothes for the week and make rice and beans because they were easy to put together. They make good beans and rice, and the great grandmother got a James Beard American Classic Award based mostly on her fried chicken.

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  7. Story has it that it came from a green leaf stew you find in a lot of places in West Africa. The backstory: Remoulade is a traditional French sauce, but one of those sauces that New Orleanians have created their own variation of. French settlers enslaved women from defeated nations and forced them to both grow food and endure a lifetime of sexual exploitation.

    To solve the plantation and farm labor shortages, the Company of the Indies directed the African slave trade toward New Orleans in Those same legacies contributed to disproportionate exposure to violence and death in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the city in But the post-Katrina landscape saw an influx of new restaurants catering to new tastes, including those of young, mostly white transplants, but also large numbers of Latinos, whose labor was essential to the rebuilding of the city.

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    These new New Orleanians embraced a wider range of cuisines and eating experiences, leading to a potential fracturing of what constitutes New Orleans foodways. Contemporary New Orleans foodways are a result of forced and voluntary migrations to this ecologically unique region over the course of several centuries.

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    And yet, food remains a central source of pride for New Orleanians. Creole Food — What Is the Difference? David Beriss and David E.