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I would still like to read all of Barbara Trepido's books however. This is a great pamphlet on Noah's Ark. Lots of information and illustrations. Very easy to understand and a very handy size. This is the story of a marriage but it is also a clever study of power. Ali Bobrow, artistic, beautiful and unworldly, is easy prey to controlling men.

Her third husband, Noah, is at least a benign dictator. Before him she was mistreated, her daughter was unhappy and she was unable to resist the demands of any manipulative neighbour or acquaintance.

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Noah, a doctor, the ultimate protector, replaces the chaos with love, calm and security - so long as she follows his rules. Then one day Ali decides to rebel - and this disrupts the delicate balance of her life with Noah, and leads her to look back at her past in South Africa. Trapido's characters are funny and vivid and clever.

You feel like you want to climb into her world though probably not for too long - who could keep up? She creates atmosphere with economy and style.

Noahs Ark: rejacketed

The opening scene shows Ali sewing in her kitchen, an icon of domesticity. The apparently ordinary items - the fruit bowl, the pinboard - and her thoughts about them immediately evoke the family and her place within it. There are other types of power here. Ali grew up under apartheid, the descendant of German refugees from World War Two.

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Her best friend at school was Jewish, and she is attracted to Jewish men. Her unconsummated first love was dark-skinned and was rumoured to have lied about his background to attend the all-white university. There are also the dynamics between parents and children. Noah's step-daughter, once so timid, is able to be rebellious and demanding precisely because he has made her feel safe - for now.

He is also confronted by the stubbornness of his own daughter. How do we respond to a world where every day people are harming others?

Trapido asks subtle questions about the limits of power, resistance and compassion. See all 11 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Ali Bobrow is an other-worldly single parent with a fraught nine-year-old daughter, a malevolent 'ex' with a grabby new wife, and an underused artistic talent. A pushover when it comes to needy neighbours and uninvited children, she allows her house to be the local drop-in centre, until she collides with Noah Glazer, who falls for her pale red hair.

A solid man of science, Noah walks into her over-populated life bringing good sense, order and security. But ten years on, Ali is drawn back into the complexities of her past: Read more Read less. See all Product description. Write a product review. There's a reason for this - for people in Japan, it's very often cheaper to import CDs and vinyls than it is to buy domestically.

To tackle this, local CDs feature any number of special bonus tracks as an incentive to buy local. It's both a blessing and a curse for those not lucky enough to live there.


Mostly though, particularly in the days of the internet, it's a blessing. Muse - 'Fury' Absolution : Matt Bellamy puts as much power and emotion into the breaths he takes between lines than many bands put into their entire back-catalogue. A slow burning rocker that touches on Bellamy's atheist side: "Breathe in deep, and cleanse away our sins and we'll pray that there's no God to punish us. Vincent's lyrics that it sometimes feels as if the sound they produce is more important than the words themselves. Never is this more true than in the impactful refrain 'Del, Del, Rio' on the Japanese bonus track to her self-titled fourth album.

A beautiful and rare gem - find it on the recently release deluxe edition too.

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Charli XCX - 'Break The Rules Japanese Version ' Sucker : If we're being entirely honest, as we always are, the English-language version of 'Break The Rules' is one of the most irritating songs, both lyrically and musically, that we've heard for a long time. For some inexplicable reason though, its Japanese-language counterpart is almost brilliant. It's a strange world. It winds down an often relentlessly up-tempo, funk-filled album with a real sense of poignancy - giving the album a whole new dimension.

The xx - 'Reconsider' Coexist : From their second album, 's Coexist, comes this characteristically minimalist, haunting gem.

Noah's Ark by Barbara Trapido

The same can be said of almost any song from The xx, but 'Reconsider' is profoundly cinematic, and proves definitively that someone needs to ask this and to score a film. Florence The Machine - 'Bird Song' Lungs : Slightly lighter on the orchestral heft that Welch is known for, but plenty heavy on the profoundly twisted and imaginative lyrics: "I picked up the bird and above the din I said, 'That's the last song you'll ever sing'. Held him down, broke his neck, taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget.

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