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Search inside document. The Atlantean Conspiracy. By Eric Dubay. Presidential Bloodlines. Did you know all 43 U. In fact, the presidential candidate with the most royal genes has won every single American election.

Th e same goes with the banking families in America. George Bush and Barbara Bush are from the same bloodline - the Pierce bloodline, which changed its name from Percy, when it crossed the Atlantic. Percy is one of the aristocratic families of Britain, to this day. Formerly a loner and burden to her adoptive parents, she ruins her chances of a fresh start by offending an ogler who just happens to be the prince.

Alex, the Prince of Fyr, is no novice when it comes to pressure. Toury and Alex learn that the strongest magic cannot be conjured but must be earned. They must risk their lives, hearts, and futures to save the land from a darkness of apocalyptic proportions. But can they trust each other enough to save Fyr? Or will everything they hold dear turn to ash? Her whole life is a struggle. Her health, her school, her social life, and even her relationship with her mother are all a mess.

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The world itself is a mess. Her best friend, David, also has a hard life, but he has hope. Olivia has never taken it seriously. But after a failed suicide attempt, her stay in the mental ward leads to a series of suspicious encounters with her mother and a fight at school.

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Despite their poor health and reports of killer beasts, Olivia and David brave the wilderness. The truth they discover there—not just about their society but about themselves—is more astonishing than anything they ever imagined. Prisoner , Commander Jayla Sans, is innocent. During her last investigation for the military, she found a vast and insidious conspiracy, and now various factions will kill to acquire or destroy the information in her head. Jayla must protect the truth at costs, even if that means severing ties with her loved ones.

But is Jayla truly alone? France, Estelle Graham faces a nightmare. Expecting to meet her beloved husband and bring their newly adopted daughter home to Scotland, she instead finds him gravely injured and unconscious in a casualty station.

Admiral EO Indicted by Cosmos Corp Tribunal

As she fights for his care, she takes solace in his journals and letters. Both of them broken and walled off from the cruel and cold world around them—made even crueler and colder by the Great War—the pair form an unlikely bond. She finds in him the father she never had, and with her love, he faces the pain from his own childhood. Discover the depth of love and faith in the face of brutality and neglect as they learn to live while surviving World War I. As a member of the Music, the royal company of minstrels, Bess grows up within the decadent Tudor court, navigating the ever-changing tide of royals and courtiers.

Friends come and go as cracked voices, politics, heartbreak, and death loom over even the lowliest of musicians. Tom, her first and dearest friend, is her only constant. But as Bess becomes too comfortable at court, she may find that constancy has its limits. Two words have haunted Crystal for years: fat pig. So when a handsome and athletic stranger promises that his gym will change her life, how can she say no? With its cutting-edge facilities, beyond-friendly staff, and endless free samples of Ambrosia, their signature energizing sports drink, Mount Olympus seems too perfect to be real—and maybe it is.

Crystal needs it all, but is she willing to lose more than just weight? Paranormal Thriller, available now!

Incredible rectangular moon sighting sparks conspiracies

Seventeen-year-old Raven Thane wants an adventure Just not the way that she expected. Bored and disinterested with a routine life in her remote underground community, she fails to notice a thief during her turn at guard duty.

Zander, a charming sharpshooter, tasks her with helping him retrieve the mysterious stolen item. Can Raven fix her mistake and prove herself more than a simple country girl? Or will she create even more chaos?

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A Gaslamp Fantasy, Coming December Search this site. This title has been rated XS, appropriate for adults and contains frequent extreme language, frequent graphic violence, moderate sex, emotional abuse, suicide. This title has been rated S appropriate for adults and contains extreme language, moderate sex, intense violence, moderate negative drug use, mild alcohol and tobacco use, sexual violence, domestic abuse, suicide. This title has been rated S, appropriate for adults and contains intense sex, moderate language, and moderate alcohol use, abortion, and suicide.

You can buy Her Dearest Treasure here. After their marriage, he discovers she has not told him everything and tries to cast her out, but will she let him? You can buy I Loved You Tomorrow here. A mindreader meets a woman who sees the future—a future they are meant to share. Rhonwin must overcome his overcome his fear of not matching her visions of him, and Moira must reconcile the fact her love is not her love yet.