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It is learned, authoritative, carefully organized, impressively illustrated, and exceptionally lucid in its coverage of principles. Students will learn here, not just the basics of argumentation and refutation, but also their subtleties. Simons Temple University. A book that undergraduates who don't want to be debaters can use to learn the fundamentals of argumentation.

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I have adopted it for use in my course. It provides a strong justification for the importance of argument in our society and in other cultures We provide complimentary e-inspection copies of primary textbooks to instructors considering our books for course adoption. Most VitalSource eBooks are available in a reflowable EPUB format which allows you to resize text to suit you and enables other accessibility features.

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Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Table of Contents Reviews. Summary Rather than approach debate primarily as a form of interscholastic competition, this unique book identifies it as an activity that occurs in many settings: scientific conferences, newspaper op-ed pages, classrooms, courts of law, and everyday domestic life. Debate is discussed as an integral part of academic inquiry in all disciplines. As in all fields of study, various competing views are advanced and supported; Debate and Critical Analysis is designed to better prepare the student to assess and engage them.

This text posits four characteristics of true debate -- argument development, clash, extension, and perspective -- which form the basic structure of the book.

Each concept or aspect of argument covered is illustrated by an example drawn from contemporary or historical sources, allowing the reader to actually see the techniques and strategies at work. All popular forms of competitive debate, including "policy," "Lincoln-Douglas," "value-oriented," and "parliamentary," are discussed in detail -- as embedded in the actual topical controversies with which they are concerned. In this way, the student can learn the structures, reasoning processes, and strategies that may be employed, as well as the practical affairs of debating, from brief-writing to the flowsheet.

Table of Contents Contents: Preface. The Nature and History of Debate. After the round a college debate coach will lead your panel in discussing the debate and attempting to reach consensus as to which team did the better debating. Once a decision is reached and announced to the teams, you will have an opportunity to provide feedback to the debaters. In addition the debate coach will prepare a written ballot based on your discussions. You will have an opportunity to review and approve the written ballot before publication.

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University speech regulations designed to protect racial minorities advance the cause of racial oppression. Why would you entrust authority with enlarged powers of regulating the speech of unpopular minorities unless you were confident that unpopular minorities would be racists, not Blacks? In War of Words , Professor Gates suggests speech regulations designed to protect minorities are destined to be used against them.

During the Social Justice Debates at The George Washington University, teams assigned to the affirmative side of the topic have the burden of defending the proposition that university speech regulations designed to protect minorities are, on balance, detrimental to minorities. Negative teams have the burden of rebutting this contention.

The Social Justice Debates provide college debaters a rare opportunity to test their skills debating for judges from both inside and outside of the college debate community, including distinguished professionals and topic experts.

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Please do not worry if you do not have experience judging college debate rounds. The most important thing to remember when judging a debate is that if a team convinces you they have won the round, they have won the round!

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The primary question you should ask yourself as a judge is which team has done the better debating on the question raised by the tournament topic. First and foremost, this question asks which team has been more effective in meeting their basic burdens of advocacy and rejoinder. Secondarily, judges should consider factors such as public speaking skills, organization, and command of the subject matter.

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There is no single formula for determining which team did the best debating. In short, you are attempting to assess which team presented the most powerful advocacy when considering all of the manyfactors that advocacy entails. Although judging is subjective, it is important that you do not allow personal bias or beliefs about the issues being debated to influence whom you choose as winner. Judges with debate backgrounds are asked to judge preliminary rounds in a manner they believe best prepares students to orally publish their topic scholarship to the panels of stakeholders drawn from outside of the college debate community for Sunday's championship rounds.

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It is also an element that requires debaters to cooperate in good faith with their opponents to some extent, which may be a complicated proposition in a competitive debate. In such cases, debates may even become hostile as cross examiners may be forced to talk over their opponent to prevent their opponent from dominating the cross examination period. In a court of law, judges will often instruct hostile witnesses i. Similarly when determining the winning team and assigning speaker points judges should favor debaters who respond directly and succinctly to the extent possible and disfavor debaters who consistently fail to do so.

The below instructions are solely for Saturday judges.

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If you are judging on Sunday, the debate coach guiding your panel will fill out the ballot for you. If you are judging on Saturday, you will receive a ballot upon checking in with the tabulation table. The names of the competing schools will be provided on the ballot.