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Look closely at the picture below. And decide what you saw first. Whatever you see will tell you a lot about your perception of life and who you are on the inside. Personality Tests.

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    7. It Ain't Enough. Release Me. Similar to something like pneumonia, it is necessary that the illness is monitored in the hopes that the person is relieved of most of their symptoms, and the rest is up to them and the work they put in to keep themselves healthy. Medication like Zoloft, Abilify, and Lamictal, are a few different drugs that can help and they range from antidepressants, antipsychotics, and anticonvulsants. They are all used to improve mood, all of which I have used within my lifetime.

      Many of us who use medication have a stigma that we carry around from others. I guess people have a hard time comprehending that just like any other illness medication for a mental illness is different. Just remember that if you ever find yourself judging someone for using necessary medication, that its like someone judging you for taking tylenol for a headache.

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      Living with a mental illness is one of the hardest things I have ever done, and continue to do. I have been in and out of multiple different psychiatric units, hospitals, you name it, I've been there, or at least it feels like it anyways. I won't ever be able to explain what its like to feel numb, barely able to breathe and just staring at the ceiling in my room.

      I know that many people have similar experiences, and maybe even you do.

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      I know a lot of us, hide our illnesses behind a persona that is unrealistic even for someone who hasn't been influenced by some demon in their head. Imagine how different the world would be if we all wore our internal scars on our skin, told the truth about who we were to people we have just met, and removed our own internal stigma against ourselves. For those of you struggling now, or who end up finding yourself sometime in the future struggling with a mental illness, from personal experience, I want you to know it gets better.

      I have been in a place before where I hated hearing that but it really is the truth, and tell yourself that everyday until your mind finally allows you to believe it. I promise you'll thank yourself one day when you're looking at little pieces of yourself running around your house, knowing that you were strong enough to be their parent. One day all this struggle will be worth it, and the people that judged you now, will likely eventually understand one way or another and you'll be standing stronger than you ever thought you could.

      Remember that living with an illness, isn't a means to an end, you are here for a reason.