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First Aid Training in Greece, AED and CPR certification

All courses include training in automated external defibrillators AED. AED certification is also included in all of the awards presented through this provider.

Do you need to speak someone about registering for a course? We offer the lowest prices on all of our courses.

10 First Aid Mistakes Explained by a Professional

We offer on-line registration. View a full list of all of our upcoming courses by clicking the following button View All Upcoming Courses Here. Book a private course for a group of any size. Use our contact us page to book a course with us. Book a Course. Man serious injured after crash received CPR May 21st, A year old man received CPR after being trapped underneath a vehicle that crashed into [ The tourist died after [ Bystanders provided first aid to fatal crash victims May 3rd, A group of bystanders witnessed a crash incident but were not prepared to witness and the [ If that is the case, then my sister really does need to learn how to apply first aid.

Mom required her how to learn the first aid since she is planning to leave the house, but she does not know the first thing about it. Thanks for this! It can really surprise people when they learn about all of the benefits that CPR training in the workplace can bring. The article brings up one of the more important of these aspects being that it reduces workplace accidents.

After all, if someone knows proper CPR training then they can make the effort to prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

First Aid Training

My spouse and I are interested in opening a small restaurant, and we want to ensure that everything is as safe as possible. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Next Previous. In the event of a medical emergency, when properly trained, a fellow employee can administer basic medical treatment or CPR as needed. First aid kits will have what is needed: Not only does first aid training teach your employees how to respond to a medical emergency, but it also teaches them exactly what should be in the first aid kit.

Safety while working alone: First aid training teaches employees how to properly use first aid kits, how to administer life-saving medical treatments and to stay calm and confident during an emergency.

First Aid Training Bangkok CPR AED

While these skills are important for providing first aid to others, they also come in handy for employees working alone. First aid training can help an employee buy time until first responders arrive. Employees trained in first aid and CPR will understand the steps needed during an emergency, thanks to their increased confidence and preparation. A fast employee first aider response can reduce recovery time, leading to less lost productivity from injuries. Reduce workplace accidents: First aid training helps employees to be more mindful of safety in the workplace.

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When staff goes through first aid training, they become more aware of safety and can spot hazards and potential incidents before they occur. They also become more alert to their environment and will recognize potential problems more efficiently when they understand the risks and dangers of their environment. This leads to fewer accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Minimizing risk to employees and decreasing workplace incidents benefits everyone. The question is, would you know what to do?

First Aid : Take training in first aid, CPR, AED, or pet first aid.

Our Emergency First Response two year internationally recognized Certifications prepare you to help others with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. With your new skills, you'll respond with confidence in the first critical moments of an emergency at work, home, school, or a family holiday.

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Come join Us for a fun and relaxed day of training. In today's challenging workplace environments, occupational health and safety regulations in most developed countries require their staff to be proficient and updated in CPR and First Aid training guidelines.

Who should take this course?

The lessons cover life saving skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator AED. We also specialize in delivering flexible 'on-site' training for maximum convenience and realism at your home, office or workplace. All our courses include the free student study materials and the two-year international certification. Participants do not need to have previous experience in first aid as your study materials and training aids will be provided for you during the course.