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Here is a recently submitted Christmas tale for you to enjoy!

Name a star now! - 20 Famous Christmas Stories

Thank you Kim! An Unexpected Christmas Visitor. Ron lay slumped in the armchair, snoring loudly enough to wake the dead, but not the dead drunk.

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A trickle of saliva ran from the corner of his mouth, and down across his unshaven chin. The empty bottle of single malt lay discarded by his feet. There was no glass. Why waste time pouring from bottle to glass, and then from glass to mouth? Three a. Only twenty-one hours of this God-awful day to go, most of which he would hopefully sleep through. How he hated this so-called season of goodwill.

The first adverts had appeared on the television in September, becoming more and more frequent until, by the end of November, they had taken over completely. People would spend money they did not have on presents that would be largely unwanted. Office parties would end up in drunken excesses, ill-advised liaisons, and plenty of morning-after regrets. Enough food and drink would be bought to keep a small third world country going for six months, half of which would be thrown away before the new year was a week old.

He remembered those from his childhood. The endless days of anticipation, then waking at a ridiculous time on Christmas morning, only to be told to go back to bed because it was too early. Rummaging through the stocking full of goodies hanging at the foot of his bed before moving on to the pile of presents under the tree in the front room. Eating sweets, nuts and chocolate before breakfast, something he was never allowed to do any other time of the year. Then there had been the Christmases when he had a young family of his own. After the kids left home he and Pamela took to going away for Christmas, and letting someone else do all the work for a change.

Six years ago Pamela died, and Christmas became an ordeal. His son and daughter-in-law invited him to stay the first two years, but that soon stopped. Drunken Granddad stumbling into things and frightening the children was no fun to have around.

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Now he spent the day alone, wallowing in alcohol and memories. He was woken by the sounds of someone struggling and swearing.

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  5. A pair of legs, clad in black boots and bright red trousers, was thrashing around in all directions above the grate. Ron knew he was not dreaming.


    So, incredible as it seemed, he had to accept that what he had just seen had really happened. Unfortunately, shock and inebriation prevented him from coming up with any sort of intelligent response. At the last census, just over two million. No-one lives at the North Pole, let alone two million father christmases. The father christmas who visits the most homes between midnight and five a. This was all becoming just a little too confusing for Ron. Why do you light a big fire and set off fireworks on Bonfire Night?

    And why do you go around trick or treating on Halloween? Ron had to concede the argument. So how about chimneys then? Hardly any houses have chimneys these days. How do you get inside them? Plydon looked a bit sheepish. But I like to do it now and again, just for the laugh.

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    Ron had heard enough. Look at you, alone and drunk on Christmas day. You should be with your family. But your children want their father, and your grandchildren want their granddad. So, why are you here on your own, instead of with them? This is a time of celebration and happiness. Do you think Pamela would be sitting here alone, soaked in alcohol and feeling sorry for herself? No, she would be mourning her loss, but she would still be getting on with life, enjoying the rest of her family. Get some sleep, and then go visit your family.

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    5. There are still believers in that home, and they would welcome another one. He walked towards the fireplace, and then hesitated.

      Here is a new Christmas tale, sent to me some months ago. My thanks to Jeffrey G. Roberts for his contribution. I think you will like it - it has a twist in the tail - so to speak! The plant stood dark, ominous and foreboding. An edifice of steel and glass and wood. All was silent, this night of the Christmas holiday; just the midnight wind whistling down dark corridors and immense storerooms. But not entirely silent. There were four intelligence operatives just outside the main entrance. They hid in the shadows, invisible; as was their training. There isn't a security system on Earth I can't disable.

      Including Dyna-Senty's pride and joy. They were about to gain entry into the plant, when one of the operatives had a strange look on her face. Their leader, Ken had seen this look before. Just remembrance. I can't believe we failed last time. And I keep thinking — of him. And no, I haven't forgotten Michael.

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      Yes, sometimes we fail to achieve mission objectives. Michael was the mission.

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      So we honor his memory — with our success this time. This time, we'll not only endure — we'll prevail. The others quietly agreed.