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It's scary because you're probably thinking, "Don't mess up this punch line. Don't mess up this punch line. Pause in between sentences. Gauge feedback on your attempts. As writer Carol Burnett says , "Comedy is tragedy plus time. It helps if the tragedy only affected you.

Laughter and Learning: Humor Boosts Retention

Time creates a comedic sweet spot that occurs when the psychological distance from a tragedy is large enough to buffer people from threat creating a benign violation but not so large that the event becomes a purely benign, nonthreatening situation. If you're about to tell a joke, there's no need to preamble or announce it.

Just tell it.

Be appropriate with subject matter. Even if you find something amusing, it doesn't help your cause—to delight other people—by offending a colleague or friend. If you've overheard or been the victim of a stereotyped joke, here's how you can respond. Once you say something to the world, it's out there.

If it's about yourself, it can be perceived as self-deprecating and can be funny while offending as few people as possible. If you find something amusing, ask yourself—will it offend someone? Is now an appropriate time to say it? Few things are more cringeworthy than when someone tries to continue a bad story.

Sometimes, it's not a fault with the story or joke. Maybe it's just not a good fit for the audience, or perhaps it's poor timing.

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Maybe you're not as comfortable telling it, so you can't deliver it properly. Either way, if you feel the joke floundering, just let it die. Better yet, just end it yourself. Depending on the situation, you might be able to recover from it. Here's how comedian Mitch Hedberg once told a mediocre joke to his audience, and turned it around :. I didn't go to college, but if I did, I would've taken all my tests at a restaurant, 'cause the customer is always right.

That joke's better than you acted.

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Perhaps it's not. Maybe it's dumb. It could be. I hear you, man. I'm not a fuckin', genius, for Christ's sake, you know? I'm just tryin' to tell some jokes. Shit, who the fuck are you? That track is number It's called "Attitude. You don't need to seize every single opportunity to be funny. If you're in the middle of a bad joke, just end it. In the long run, they'll respect your taste. Comedy comes in all shapes and sizes, from verbal humor all the way down to animal humor. A reoccurring theme in comedies today is crude humor in the form of foul language and certain parts of the body.

Examine the previous source material and write notes on the jokes that are performed. View the material a couple of times, just in case you missed the first time around. After this, find what worked the first time around and discover if you can improve on it.

70 Brilliantly Funny Quotes about Life | Planet of Success

The magnificent thing about writing adaptations, is the free range you get, depending on the subject. If you steer away from the original source too much, the project will fail to resemble the original. However, if you go overboard, there will be more complaints from fans. I can say comedic dialogue that comes out as funny to other people, but not to me. Anyway, onto the reason I wrote a comedy.

I began to write my comedy debut S. When I started, I had no idea what I was attempting to write about. A challenge is what I knew I needed. Despite how terrible the script turned out to be in the end, I was just glad I did it.

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Fast forward to the beginning of this year and I knew I hoped to send a few screenplays off this year to competitions and whatnot, so I jumped back into writing S. Although, it was a little difficult to begin rewriting it. I had lost the original file, so I needed to start again. Having a bit of a sense of humor has helped in the creative process when writing S. Here are 8 simple ideas you can use today. Energize people. When the team seems dull and listless, humor is a wonderful way to wake them up and get them going. George often has to wake up a weary, late-night gambling audience and get them going when he takes the Vegas stage.

His first job is to connect and get them smiling with jokes so people are feeling good and alert. As he points out: "You cannot smile without your body feeling better. Create lasting memories. If you are trying to get your team to remember something, find a funny way to explain it. Laughter triggers endorphins, which lock in memories in the brain. That's why George still tells funny stories from over 50 years ago when he was a kid. He told me a couple of doozies from his childhood I would love to share Break the tension. If conflict is high and tempers are flaring, humor can be like hitting the reset button on the mood.

It will distract from the issues and make people relax so they can take a breath. Then you can restart the discussion from a happier tone.

Improve Your Sense Of Humor & Personality - 7 Tips To Be Funnier

George reminds us that all in all, "Life is funny" even when it's serious. Put things in perspective. So often people take themselves too seriously.

How to Use Humor to Sale More

And then we panic over a minor mistake. George advises: "If you go Stupid, go all-the-way Stupid. Once it's too late and you're already doing something stupid, really swing for the fences. Hell, you're already in stupid territory, make it one for the record books. Make the situation so damned bad that you'll never forget it the next time. That's right: you'll actually wind up smarter in the long run.