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Lovely song I loved this song felt the Lord drawing me to sing it all though I found a couple section hard for my range I thought no I won't use this at church but when I got there the pull f this song was even stronger so I prayed and let the Lord do the work and this song blessed many people that night some saying wow that is a side i never saw of you so thank you for this song cause God done His work through your song through me Veronica. Absolutely beautiful. Love it. Have used it twice and going to send it round again on Sunday.

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Thank you for this un. Mary Smail.

Feb 18, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: rich-as-fuck-boyfriend , drama-llama , it-s-so-fluffy , family-kids , now-thats-hot , insta-love , insta-lust , medium-steam , suspense , gay-love. I love Mary Calmes, her books are like crack to me, so it pains me to say, that this was not one of my favorites. I liked it, but I didn't love it.

For me it was too fast pased. Hudson is in spain, stuck in a villa owned by his brothers lover. His brother took his pasport and left Hudson there, to deal with Miguel when he comes back from bussines. Hudsons brother is a giant douchebag!! Hudson decides, that as long as he is stuck, he might as well make himself usefu Well Hudson decides, that as long as he is stuck, he might as well make himself usefull, which he does. He turns Miguels bussineses around, making them quite succesfull, because everything Hudson touches turns to gold sound familiar??

Everybody loves Hudson and they all want him to stay. At times like these I miss Jory I love you Jory!!! Then the day comes, that Miguel returns. Too fast I could look past the insta thing, but what really bothered me, is that Miguel was fucking Hudsons brother not too long ago. I don't think I could ever be with someone that has been with my sister.

Lay It Down — Brad Cole

Then again, I do believe in love and you can't always choose who you fall in love with. That's why I think I would have enjoyed this storyline way more, if their love would have grown over time, instead of within 2 days they were declaring their love within 2 days. To make matters weirder, Hudsons brother ran fled away, to hook up with Hudsons ex-boyfriend and is now fucking him This was all a bit much for me.

I am by no means a prude, but I just didn't find all of this very romantic. Maybe over time it would have been, but it all happend so fast, that I just didn't feel the connection between the mc's.

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Like I said, this is all personal preference, so don't let it stop you from reading this book. The mc's were pretty like-able to me. Hudson had a bit of a Jory aura Although Jory will always be my favorite ; 3 stars from me I can't believe everybody just forgave him for his douchebaggery!!! View all 22 comments. I won't change my original rating because I loved this the first time. I mean Jin? Hudson is at it again. This is Mary Calmes crack at its best. I loved every formulaic bit of it.

View 1 comment. I think that I liked half of this book. It is no secret that I freaking love Mary Calmes. I mean, deep down love her. And this book fit what I expect from her almost perfectly. It had all the things that I love about her books but… I think a of it felt missing. I knew going in that the story was going to just start with a bang. I knew that I was going to be thrown right in the mix.

This is all me though. There was just something off to me about the whole brother thing. I dunno. But the characters and the crazy and the food and clothes and the hot fucking? All that, was spot on Mary and I loved it. Feb 17, MostlyDelores rated it it was ok Shelves: m-m-romance. Naturally it made no sense at all, but that's fine, I knew what I was getting into. It didn't seem like top-shelf Mary tho, the crazy was dialled back and all the digressions and folderol were missing.

There should have been another pages of random shit that didn't remotely matter--that's why we're all here. Plus "Hudson"? Not a good name. View all 17 comments. Feb 18, Karen rated it liked it Shelves: read-mm , booksread. While 'Lay It Down' followed a lot of the formula that I've come to expect from a Mary Calmes book for me there was just something missing. It came down to sometimes the story worked and sometimes it just didn't. So while it was an enjoyable read overall, it didn't leave me over the moon about the characters or events that happened.

I think it was mostly because I kept feeling like I wanted a little more detail.

I think if things that happened had been fleshed out a little more I would have felt While 'Lay It Down' followed a lot of the formula that I've come to expect from a Mary Calmes book for me there was just something missing. I think if things that happened had been fleshed out a little more I would have felt more connected to the characters or even the story in general, but they weren't and I didn't so at the end of it that fact is neither here nor there. While this was only an ok read for me, I'm still good with that because if we didn't have the bad books, or the ones that are just ok.

How would we recognize the truly awesome ones that leave us with book hangovers and make us want to read them over and over again? View all 4 comments. Mar 21, Rhys Ford rated it it was amazing. I adored this book. It was sweet and fast-paced.

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Plus, Mary makes me smile with her words and that's never a bad thing. Feb 17, Jaime rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m-erotica , m-m-short-story , m-m-contemporary-romance. Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club. Feb 16, justanya rated it really liked it.

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Whenever I review a book by one of my "Titans" authors who's work I love so much I buy their books blindly , I tend to rate their books against their body of work. Seriously, if I were to compare their books to the rest of MM market at large that I've read, each of their books would consistently earn 5 stars from me and that just isn't fair. But lets forget me and focus on what YOU want to know which is: Is it worth the read?

Uhm, "Yes! I'll just tell you why I liked the book. Whenever I read a book I keep one thought in mind.

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How did the book make me feel? Did I enjoy myself while reading the book? Did I care about the characters? In this instance, Yup. I did. The MC's Need a lesson on how to make a voice sound like sex on a stick? Ask Mary, how it's done! I want to meet Miguel , just to hear him speak. I want to experience Ibiza the setting simply because Miguel makes Ibiza sound so exciting. Trust me. Miguel embodies everything that on paper makes me swoon.

He's rich, handsome, loves his mama and most of all possessive without being controlling.

Lay It Down

Can I have one those please? Then there's Hudson. I love how strong he is. I love how determined he is to make his own way.