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The 50 Best Nonfiction Books of the Past 25 Years

It — an imagination is a — is a trait, you know. Like dreaming. How do these bubbles exist under there? Where do they come from? What do they use for energy? The whole culture has to be designed. What do they believe in? How do they operate? What are the economics of the culture.

And one of the things I struggle for is to create a kind of immaculate realism in a totally unreal and fantasy world.

The Lean Startup - by Eric Ries

But once I make up a rule, then I have to live with it. I can create backgrounds. It was just impossible. Jar Jar or Watto. I mean, Watto is a short little blue character that flies around. And so we went back into representations of evil. This is something …. Darth Vader was a — a composite man. I mean, he was…. This one is all human. And so their fantasies all center on having power. Of, you know, birth and death, and I like to always add, you know, your relationship with your parents.

And the — the film is ultimately about the Dark Side and the light side, and those sides are designed around compassion and greed. And we all have those two sides of us and that we have to make sure that those two sides of us are in balance. I mean, you just — you see them all the. I wonder, how can those people possibly exist? How could they live with themselves? How could they — you know, what is it in the human brain that gives us the capacity to be as evil as human beings have been in the past and are right now.

Is this — is this part of — of — the movie — an extension of what happened to you? In film, Francis Coppola became my mentor and — and taught me how to write screenplays, taught me how to work with actors. I was much more of a — a cameraman and a film editor, much more on the technical side of things. And, you know, I think my last mentor probably was Joe, who …. But it is really the way we live our lives. And what we do with our lives and — and the way we conduct ourselves.

And once in a while they listen to the lectures.

Because I have this megaphone. Anybody in the media has a very large megaphone that they can reach a lot of different people, and so whatever they say, whatever they do, however they conduct themselves, whatever they produce has an influence and is teaching somebody something. A religion is basically a — a container for faith. Faith is the — the glue that holds us together as a society.

An interview with Pam Houston | f a i l b e t t e r . c o m

Remain balanced. Is the Force God?

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More a belief in God than a belief in any particular, you know, religious system. I mean, the — the — the — the real question is to ask the question, because if you — if you — having enough interest in the mysteries of life to ask the questions, is — is there a God or is there not a God? I think you should have an opinion about that. Where children are free. Where see the sun rise, is still touching.

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Where a friend is still a treasure. Where your life can be another.

Leap of Faith (Moonlight Breed #1) by Gabrielle Evans

A decade ago, a medical student and a steelworker become pen-friends when they chance upon the same copy of Leo Tolstoy's "Resurrection". Off the page, passion and hatred mingle and two Andres and his 12 year old son Pedro lives in a blue-collar violent neighborhood in the outskirts of Caracas but hardly see each other. One day Andres comes home Pedro has gotten himself in serious trouble after hurting a boy in a fight. A Russian Literature professor at the University of Havana is ordered to work as a translator for child victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster when they are sent to Cuba for medical treatment.

So it comes as a shock when she's diagnosed as HIV-positive and her husband is the only one who could have transmitted the disease. Leap of Faith tells the story of Kelly, a girl in her late twenties who's unfulfilled with where life has taken her. One night Kelly sees handsome neighbour Johnny moving into the apartment across the way and over the next few days she finds herself staring across into his world and is shocked when she sees him do something humanly impossible. Start your free trial. Share this Rating Title: Leap of Faith 6.

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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Learn more More Like This. Drama Romance. Und atmen Sie normal weiter He knows he is in the final chapter of his life, and in time God reveals to him in prayer that that will include betrayal and pain and death.

How tempting it must have been for him to cast the roles of villain, victim, and rescuer. But instead of inflaming drama, Jesus responds to his circumstance with grace, acceptance, humility, love even of his enemy Here's the key question I think: How is Jesus able to do it? How is he able to resist the drama triangle? When my wife Keziah and I were in conflict the other week over a plan that fell through. Or what about when some system in our consumerist society ends up leaving us feeling like we got the short end of the stick?

BUT in the day-to-day grind of life, a long customer service call, or a case of not what getting what I expected… and suddenly the drama triangle has me. Because I, like so many of us in America, believe in a deep way that the customer is always right. Or I was in conversation with an extended family member recently who holds different political positions than I do. I realize looking back I was treating them arrogantly the whole time… pretending not to care… avoiding eye contact… looking for reasons to escape the interaction.

Regardless of the content of our conversation, regardless of whether or not I agreed with what was being said, I was dismissive of an attempt my family member was making to connect with me. Jesus is able to do it because he had fostered in his life a fuel source so rich, he didn't need to entertain the empty promises of the drama triangle's energy sources. His security, his ok-ness, his self-esteem, his hope for a happy future come what may was based in his continued experience that God would never fail to be good to him.

Jesus didn't have to convince others he was under attack, he didn't have to elevate himself, and he didn't have to demonize anyone It was because he had spent time receiving all the affirmation and love and care and hope he most deeply needed from God - through a lifestyle shot through with prayer and community.

Participants in the 60s civil rights sit-ins were able to resist the Drama Triangle even as they experienced the height of cruelty NOT because of superhuman will-power. They were able to do it because they had spent time encouraging, supporting, training one another… they intentionally and wisely went into those sit-in experiences with fuel tanks filled up ahead of time. If you, like me, feel grieved by the gaps between religious and nonreligious, democrat and republican, conservative and liberal, majority and minority, anglo and people of color….