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Chris Wilson's master plan transformed his life after prison. He insists he's "not an anomaly"

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Dating a prisoner: What attracts people on the outside to fall in love with convicted criminals? You can form your own view.

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Subscribe now. Murderer Charles Manson in Getty Images. The notorious Soham killer Ian Huntley still attracts attention and interest from women on the outside PA. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists. In his book, Raphael suggests some key strategies: planning with prisoners before release, building a strong network between corrections officials and community service providers, and working with employers to find appropriate ex-offenders and mitigate the risks involved in hiring people with criminal backgrounds.

Since , Michigan Works! Southwest has successfully partnered with the Michigan Department of Corrections to provide prisoner re-entry services. Over the life of the program, nearly 72 percent of ex-offenders who received services in Kalamazoo and St. Joseph counties have stayed out of prison since their release. The re-entry process begins well before release. A videoconferencing program called InReach has shifted re-entry planning from a group setting to one-on-one discussions between a transitioning inmate and a parole officer.

Sometimes, community agency staff are also involved. It gives them more individual attention," said Antonio Mitchell, community coordinator for prison re-entry programs. After release comes the biggest pitfall: about 30 percent of ex-offenders eligible for services never show up.

Life after prison: re-entering society is no easy task

But for those who do—even if they just come in for a bus token—there is access to a wide network of community services, and a clear strategy: housing first, then a job, then counseling. Because Ms. But as the article details, Charles found religion in prison, became a law clerk and GED instructor, helped illiterate inmates decipher court documents, and served 21 years of hard time without a single disciplinary infraction.

After his release, he held down a steady job, volunteered every Saturday at a food pantry, reconnected with his family, and found a serious girlfriend. Mark Holden, the general counsel of Koch Industries and a prominent criminal justice reform advocate, says Charles' case demonstrates the problem with mandatory minimum sentences. You talk about a guy who did everything he was supposed to do while in prison, he turned his life around.

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Then he gets out, and he's been leading a great life and just doing all the things you want to see someone do, but now he's heading back to prison. It doesn't make any sense.

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By the letter of the law, they got it right, but it's completely unjust. Charles' return to prison is so outrageously cruel and stupid that it has spurred condemnation across the political spectrum, from MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid to the conservative website The Federalist. Even Kim Kardashian tweeted about it.

loving an ex offender what you can expect when hes released from prison Manual

Criminal justice reformers have been pushing the story to the White House in hopes of catching the attention of Jared Kushner, the adviser and Trump son-in-law who has made prison reform one of his top priorities. A Change. As it happens, Trump is holding a rally in Nashville tonight, and local supporters of Charles' are trying to catch Trump's attention. Steve Dickerson said in a statement today.

Loving An Ex-Offender: What You Can Expect When He's Released from Prison

Charles is now being sent back to prison through no fault of his own. In no way is this justice, and I urge President Trump to commute Mr.

Charles' sentence so he may continue to move forward with rebuilding his life. Charles is hardly the only prisoner who has been rehabilitated and is a good candidate for commutation. In fact, federal prosecutors argued that Charles' case wasn't unjust or unique enough to warrant relief, because there were roughly 5, other federal inmates whose status as "career offenders" had led to them being denied early release.