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How To Identify Customer Needs And Wants

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5 Easy-to-follow Steps to Identify Your Ideal Client

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After placing a piece of code on your site, Quantcast will be able to give you key insights into your audience demographics including age, gender, household income, education level and ethnicity. These insights alone are valuable for identifying those you serve. BUT, Quantcast offers much more than this! So, how can you find out exactly who their target market is? I would start by setting up alerts for mentions of their names on social media see 4 above.

This will give you a very general idea of who is talking about them online. Next, I would look at their social media properties and website to see who THEY think their audience is.

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Owletter will also store all those newsletters in one place, and give you access to competitor analytics. A buyer persona is simply a fictitious profile of your ideal customer or client. This will be the foundation of every product or piece of content you create. One of the most valuable ways you can use this info is to create content that addresses those issues.

For instance, if you know that your ideal customer is a something mom of two kids with a college degree who loves to look for bargains online, you can tailor your products, services or content to what she likely wants to read or buy e. Some ideas for how to do this: a customized meal planning service, an eBook with healthy recipes, a downloadable guide to planning and cooking en entire month of meals in one afternoon, etc.

Where to Find your Ideal Client Online

Your research should have revealed where your target audience hangs out online, and what types of marketing content they prefer. This will help you streamline your marketing efforts, giving you the best chance of reaching your target market. For instance, if you know your ideal customer is mainly on Facebook, you can focus more of your efforts there. There is a unique group of people out there who desperately need what YOU have to offer. Make sure you know where they are, what they need, and what you can do to attract and help them.

Hi Kim. Thanks for this article. I especially like that it inspires me to think, muse, contemplate…Maybe I should write an article about my conclusions. That being said, I recently launched two talk shows—getting my feet wet, and I find that I am now kind of crystallizing my niche by observing who my followers are turning out to be. Have you observed this phenomenon while doing your talk show?

How Do You Identify Your Ideal Customer?

That was the short response: I may have to write the long one. Even though you think you are attracting people randomly, you are actually attracting them by the content you are sharing. Because your business needs to be customer-focused. Having identified your ideal customer you can drill down to the basics of products, service and pricing. More importantly, you can plan for how you will reach this market, how you can create impact, and what businesses; you can strategically partner with to grow your customer base.

The process of identifying your ideal client never really ends. Get to know your ideal client A key component of a robust marketing strategy is developing a profile of your ideal client, also referred to as a Buyer Persona. Start small By starting with a small customer base and type of client that you want to work with, this will allow your business the opportunity to focus on quite a specific demographics. Do your research to identify your point of difference.

Or simply do some market research with a group of your ideal client.