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Address delivered by Mr. New York, 19 March Chapel Hill, NC, 14 October European Community Press Release, 15 December European Community Press Release, 27 May Economic facts in figures European Community Press Release, 18 June Appendix and Annex. Internal information on agriculture 61, September Van der Vaeren, Charles Evolution of financial and technical cooperation between the EEC and associated developing countries. Collected instructions. Mining technology, Valorization of coal, Combustion technology.

Barre au Parlement europeen sur la situation economique de la Communaute au debut de Barre [Vice-President of Commission] to the European Parliament on the economic situation in the Community at the beginning of Strasbourg, 3 February February Winfield, D. Donea, J. European Community Press Release, 10 February News from the European Community, 10 February Quarterly situation of the 2nd EDF projects in execution. Situation as at: 31 March Campanile, A. Part VI: Burnout heat flux measurements on 9 rod bundles with longitudinally and transversally uniform heat generation.

À quoi ressemblera l'Europe dans 20 ans? - Jean Quatremer - [email protected]

Part VII: Burnout heat flux measurements on 3x3 rod bundles with non-uniform heat generation. Import Tab. Durazzo, C. Synthesis, F. Internal information on agriculture 68, December Mordrel, L. France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

L'hôtel d'Europe et l'accessibilité

Internal information on agriculture 69, December Fifteenth Ordinary Session. Jaarsma, R. Papers on European documentation. European documentation: A survey. Cuniberti, R. Smeets, J and Amavis, R Health implications of the storage of radioactive substances on and in the ground. EUR e. Nobel, L. Valette, L. Kennedy, Kieran A. Special issue.

Bulletins quotidiens et supplements" [commonly called Agence Europe]. Memorandum from the Commission to the Council. Werner, Pierre.

  1. New Dawns in Politics, Knowledge and Culture;
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  3. L'Europe de l'acier se bat à coup d'innovations.

Address by Prof. Amsterdam, 8 September Speech delivered by M. New York, 10 November Spinelli, Altiero. Spinelli, membre de la Commission, au Parlement europeen, en reponse a la question de M. OELE sur l'avenir de l'Euratom. Oele on the future of Euratom. Brussels, 19 November Boeuf, A. First part: iron and steel industry. Report on the survey. Position as at 1 January Monnet, Jean. Texte des reponses de M. Monnet aux questions de G. Suffert - et du commentaire de G. Suffert accompagnant les documents d'actualite intercales dans l'interview.

23.308 comentarios

Text of the responses of Mr. Monnet to the questions of G. Suffert - and the commentary of G. Suffert accompanying documents related to the interview. Studies: Economic and Financial Series No. Studies: Industry Series 5, Allocution par Lionello Levi-Sandri.

Strasbourg, 11 mars Speech by Lionello Levi-Sandri [Member of Commission] [on the report on the social situation in ]. Strasbourg, 11 March Includes English summary. Situation - Outlook SEC 70 final, 15 April Current instruments and the use made of them from to Presse et information Press and Information Volume No. Rudpolph, B. Studies and Analyses No. Rudolph, B.

A Certain Idea of France

Goudima, C. Studies: Social Policy Series 20, Internal information on agriculture 65, December Proceedings of colloquiums of Aix-en-Provence and Nice. Studies: Social Policy Series 21, Kuster, R. Analysis and outlook Volume I. Analysis and outlook Volume II. IV, Report on the survey, situation as at 1 January Internal information on agriculture 55, January Internal information on agriculture 54, January Fontaine, Francois May 9, A behind-the-scene account of what happened. European Community Press Release, 6 May Ahmed, N. Supplement to Bulletin No of the European Communities.

SEC 70 final, 18 September COM 70 final, 2 December COM 70 final, 7 July Luxembourg, October London, 16 July Sieffert, W. Situation in January Krockel, H. Studies: Competition - Approximation of Legislation 13, Johnson, N.

Citoyen d'Europe

European Community Press Release, 21 May Borschette, Albert. Luxembourg, 16 October European Community Press Release, 1 July SEC 70 final, 17 June Abate-Daga, G.

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  • Part 1: Gd2O3 microspheres preparation from the sol-gel method. Part 2. Preparation and out-of-pile evaluation of Gd2 O3 poisoned UO2 pellets. SEC 70 final, 11 March Lucia, A. Ariemma, A. February 10, Westerterp, Mr. Bersani, Mr. Coleou, M. Dizier, A. Factors affecting the decision of farmers to produce beef.

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    Internal information on agriculture 60, June April 17 April 24 February 25 June 25 November 10 European Community No. Final report on scientific work in the years at the same time annual report Thorn, Gaston. Extracts of a speech by Mr. Includes summary. Luxembourg, 4 June SEC 70 , 24 janvier SEC 70 , 24 January SEC 70 final, 15 May European Community Press Release, 22 June Studies: Transport Series 2, Tassan, S. Muller, W. COM 70 final, 12 October COM 70 final, 21 October COM 70 final.

    COM 70 final, 12 June Extract from the Council of Ministers press release of 9 June COM 70 final, 5 March COM 70 final, 10 June COM 70 final, 28 July SEC 70 final, 19 June COM 70 final, 20 mai COM 70 final, 20 May Achach, M. Possible uses of some models, methods and techniques in the Community. Internal information on agriculture 63, October Analysis by objectives.

    EUR EN. Research and Development No. European Community Press Release, 9 May January-December Working Documents , Document , 9 Mars Documents de seance , Document , 30 Janvier Working Documents , Document , 30 January ". Berkhouwer, Cornelis. Documents de seance , Document , 9 mars Working Documents , Document , 9 March ". SEC 70 final, 18 June Babaha, M. Working Documents , Document 34, 21 December Dewulf, M.

    Documents de seance , Document , 3 Fevrier Working Documents , Document , 3 February ".