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As I ventured out on my own, married, and then had my son, many others became a part of my life.

Slices of Life

They were friends, mentors, neighbors, professional associates, etc. The inevitable death and the resultant sense of loss and grief are captured through my lens. Although I caution that death is not the sole proprietor of loss, it can be one of the most devastating.

Loss can come from severing ties with a loved one, the loss of an endeared pet, a friend, or any number of things. No matter what the loss is, grief follows. Opportunities to see and experience the world beyond the neighborhood were always prominent among my goals. Even as a child, I traveled from home to south Florida to see my grandparents. At times my grandparents as well as other relatives would take me on trips to places like New York, Atlanta, and Chicago.


No matter, I am an avid fan of travel and new experiences through it. It helps one to see that we are truly connected to other people, cultures, and countries and their corresponding political structures as nations and that our interdependence and interrelatedness are not just glib terms thrown around recklessly; they are real. I have traveled fairly extensively both in the United States and internationally.

I share here a few of those experiences, and how they influenced me. Although I list Egypt and China among the places I want to go, since that selection was written, I have traveled to both. However, only China is featured among these selections. Although I am not a humorous person, I often see the humor in real life situations. I love the resultant laughter that comes from listening to, seeing, or reading them.

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Most importantly, I realize that humor serves an essential purpose in life. I share my views on humor in one of the selections and also describe the process of aging in a dry humorous fashion. It is a process that will happen to all of us if we continue to live. What Is Living?

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Living is being with a good friend, talking, listening, seeing his silence and loving it, reading his mind, saying his words and feeling comfortable, laughing, trusting and being as one. Living is enjoying who and where you are. Living is dreaming of tomorrows and making those dreams come true! Everything Changes Everything changes. The seed is planted, grows into a plant, blossoms and its flower falls to the ground.

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  8. The leaf unfurls, It beams a bright green, Its colorful glory lights the fall, And fades into decay. Day turns to dusk then night And the sun soon rises. The child becomes a man, The man fades away, Life begins anew with birth. We praise, we mourn, We laugh, we cry. Love awakens. Arts Appearance. Arts Seminar. Arts Performance. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. Sign Up. Already have an account?

    slices of life

    Log in. Event Saved. Your message has been sent! Your email will only be seen by the event organizer. Your Name. Email Address. Enter the code as shown below:. The works deal with current topics, such as the first, 'Sarah Bernhardt Comes to Town', and were impressionistic, ' slices of life ' as he experienced it.

    Slices of Life

    The work, Trocito Cielo "A Little Bit of Heaven" , is described by choreographer Ramon Oller as " slices of life ," yet it has continuity and a cumulative impact as we follow ten individuals from childhood games to the concerns that dog young adults. Like many of the short stories and essays that show up in anthologies, these are mostly autobiographical slices of life , with a crucial difference: When you have to say it live onstage in front of or 1, expectant queers every night, you learn to cut the dead spots fast.

    Fritzsche stresses that such newspapers tended to ignore the harsh realities of social problems in favor of slices of life drawn from the busy city, and they preferred to evoke the ephemeral encounters and the inexhaustible diversity of city people rather than to engage in social analysis. Reading Berlin Rive, Richard Moore. Subtle romances, deep disguises, and the pursuit of happiness and personal profit all coalesce in stories that are slices of life when taken individually and part of a larger image when pieced together - a picture that chronicles the costs of dedication, passion, purpose, and lives divided by misery and love alike.

    What Beauty Tells Me. The slices of life presented as the worlds of such youth as "Tiger," "Trust Me," "Homegirl," and "Jail-bail" are vivid, raw, and reportorial rather than dramatized.