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I first read this book when it came out in Back then, I knew a fair bit about the spirit of Python but nothing like what I know now. So, I wanted to see what I thought about the book three and a half years on. Did I still regard it with the same high level of esteem? In the past, I've read books that have changed my life and my thinking - books like M. A few years on, however, I realised they had not stood the test of time in my thinking - and that, for all their strengths, there was also a certain shallowness to them.

So, how does The Spirit of Python stack up after this time? Overall, it is an illuminating exposition of the tactics of this particular spirit.

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However, there are some issues I have with the book - almost all of which, while significant, don't really alter my overall assessment of the book. It would have been a bonus to see Franklin mention them but, in the cosmic scheme of things, it doesn't matter if he doesn't. There is one issue, however, which is both significant and a matter for extreme caution.

It relates to a story told towards the end of the book. Here are the issues that I have with the book that, while significant, aren't problems: 1 Franklin does not recognise Python as specifically a threshold spirit. He hasn't looked at the origin of its name, either in Hebrew or Greek. It's certainly not essential to be able to discern which threshold spirit is which but, generally speaking, I find it helpful to do so - because that gives you a clear idea of their secondary agendas.

Again, this doesn't really matter in my view. To bundle up a few other spirits with their separate agendas in the mix isn't all that problematical. The latter, in particular, needed expansion - particularly as it pertains to threshold moments in people's lives. But again, no really big deal. All of these are quibbles rather than objections.

However, there is one serious flaw I find in the book. In failing to recognise Python as a threshold spirit, Franklin has consequently not mentioned a distinctive feature of thresholds - all of them require a sacrifice. We may not know this cognitively, but we know it in the spirit. When we come to a threshold moment in our lives, we are faced with the spirit of Python or another threshold spirit who demands a sacrifice - and we choose amongst four options: 1 to sacrifice someone else, 2 to sacrifice ourselves, 3 to sacrifice the honour of God or 4 to acknowledge Jesus as the all-sufficient sacrifice.

In the Presence of the Enemy

Most people choose one of the first three options. These do not overcome Python, they are choices which actually bring us into complicity with Python. The story towards the end of the book where Franklin relates his problems at a threshold moment with a local bank is not about overcoming Python. It's about choosing Option 1. This is the only serious problem I have with this book - because after all his warnings about the tactics and agendas of Python, he ironically holds up as an exemplar of right-dealing with this spirit a case of supreme complicity with it.

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Excise this story which I find the most memorable of all the anecdotes in the book and it does have all it takes to stand the test of time. Dec 17, Andrew rated it it was amazing. In The Spirit of Python, Jentezen Franklin exposed the numerous strategies and tactics satan uses to hinder and harm Christian believers. He compared satan to a dangerous python. He revealed that satan loves to suffocate us and he is actively trying to squeeze the breathe of the Holy Spirit out of us.

He guides readers on how to break free from the attacks of satan and the strongholds he has placed in our lives. He also discussed the power of prayer, faith, and praise and how critical this is in dealing with satan and his maneuvers. I would recommend this eye-opening book to anyone who is ready to stand up against satan and his schemes with their full armor of God on. This book is one of my favorite book that I read concerning spiritual warfare. I liked how Jentezen Franklin wrote very vividly in describing the way satan works and how he tries to choke the believer out of the amazing life God wants us to live.

An Exposition

Jentezen revealed that satan likes to lure people into looking at pornography, falling into sexual immorality, and being in bondage. I was amazed at the statistics he shared about the effects of pornography and how it controls so many people. I also loved how he shared how to silence the voice of satan and how to fight back against him. The Word of God is mightily strong in fighting against satan and this revealed to me the importance of speaking blessings and talking to our mountains.

Jun 30, Julie rated it it was amazing. I did read some of it before, but put it down to read other books.

The Spirit of Python: Identify what constricts your life and kills your dreams by Jentezen Franklin

Today I got to sit down and read up to the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who has their life "sucked" out by the devil. This book will open your eyes from start to finish. This book is for the spiritually aware Christian who knows that there is an enemy who goes around like a roaring lion. A vital tool in combating things in your life that always seem to get in the way stopping you from enjoy life to the full. Especially for the religious bound by all the shackles.

Awesome book! If you are struggling with things and you life seems out of control, The Spirit of Python will teach you how the enemy is choking the life out of you! Excellent and easy read! I need to read this book again and again. Thank you pastor Franklin. I was not aware of the python spirit before this book. Good information and wisdom. Jan 13, Carleen rated it it was ok. Dec 15, Tanya Thumbran christ rated it it was amazing. Brilliantly written. Must read!!!! Decide today to fight for what is yours!! Awesome Book I really enjoyed reading this book.

It brought a lot of insight into my walk with God.

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I truly recommend this book,! Jul 26, Susan Webb rated it it was amazing. Oct 15, Victor Gentile rated it it was amazing. From the back cover: Break free from this subtle destroyer and reclaim a life of passion and purpose. Pythons have an interesting way of killing their prey.

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  • They constrict it until it can no longer breathe, literally suffocating the life out of it. In the spirit realm Satan often works in the same way, slowly slithering his way into our lives, attempting to choke the very life out of us. The python spirit can squeeze the joy out of your worship and prayers. It can pressure you to keep quiet when God wants you to speak up. And it can steal the peace of knowing that you belong to God.