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The Story of Loch Ard Gorge

In fact, it has an interesting and colourful history that spans back hundreds of years. Back in , a large clipper ship engraved with the name Loch Ard beached on nearby Muttonbird Island after a tumultuous journey from England. It was said that the ship enters the waters of Port Campbell on a dark and misty 1st of June. Before they even realised it, the ship was in shallow waters, colliding with a rock reef and running aground near Mutton Bird Island.

Unfortunately, only two of the fifty-four passengers survived, one of whom was a nineteen-year-old sailor apprentice named Tom Pearce, and the other a nineteen-year-old Irish girl called Eva Carmichael, who was travelling with her family. He bravely headed up into the waters and rescued Eva, with the two calling for help from the locals.

Loch Ard Gorge, the Shipwreck Coast, Australia

The two soon became famous amongst Victoria, with Tom being welcomed as a hero. After about three months, Eva decided to return back to Europe where she went one to marry an aristocrat. Tom remained a sailor and returned to England where he died at the age of 49, known as a hero of his time.

Back in June , the arch of Island Archway crumbled in on itself, leaving two separate hunks of rock that run parallel to each other. The two remaining rock pillars of the gorge have been named Tom and Eva after the two survivors of the shipwreck back in the 19th century. Loch Ard not only has an interesting backstory, but it has also been an important backdrop in many fictional stories since then.

The Loch Ard Gorge is surrounded by jagged cliff tops, a sharp sea breeze, and acres of bushland. Simply take a look at the map displaying the whole precinct with the walks featured from the main car park. A metres trail loops around crushed rock and bitumen surface, with ocean views and attractions such as the Razorback and Island Arch.

The Fascinating History of the Loch Ard Gorge

It is the quickest and easier walking track in the area, so if you are short on time, the Geology walk is for you! See the Loch Ard Gorge from a different perspective, with this lookout blending together with the nearby carpark and the 1.

Discover the history of the region when you walk along this 1. It is a relatively easy adventure, with a few staircases, slopes on the bitumen and crushed rock, and a narrow section nearby the cemetery. One of two located anchors was raised for the Loch Ard centenary year in by a consortium of dive groups. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum divers recovered artefacts from the wreck to safeguard them from looters in , with a permit from the Receiver of Wreck.

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In the site was gazetted as an historic shipwreck under the Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Act , and the newly formed Maritime Archaeology Unit conducted rescue archaeology to recover loose artefact material. Between December and May fieldwork and a detailed site survey took place. Management issues included the dynamic and unstable nature of the large site, looting by divers and ongoing monitoring and enforcement of the site. In the site was again gazetted as an historic shipwreck as the gazettal was found to be invalid, the site declaration having preceded the actual declaration of Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Act in Victoria by four days.

The result was that cases being prosecuted against looters were forced to be dropped.

Special cargo items: Minton porcelain peacock, Cremona violin in a brass case. Master of Vessel Capt.

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Victorian Heritage Database. The wreck of the ton iron clipper Loch Ard is one of Victoria's best known and tragic shipwrecks.

Photo Scotland - Exploring Loch Ard & Arklet

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