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The Rector possesses the rights and exercises the responsibilities stipulated by the Sacred Canons, the Statutes, and the directives of the Holy Synod and the Diocesan Authority. The Rector cannot be removed or leave his assignment without the specific permission of the Diocesan Bishop. The Parish shall be responsible for the support and welfare of its Rector until such time as he is removed from his position by the Diocesan Bishop according to the Statutes.

Upon the death, retirement, or transfer of the rector, the vacancy in office may be filled on a temporary basis by the Diocesan Authority until the office is filled on a permanent basis.

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To be free from material preoccupations and wholly committed to his sacred ministry, the Rector must be compensated by the Parish; the amount and terms of such compensation shall be determined prior to the time of his assignment and which shall conform to the then current Diocesan Guidelines concerning compensation and benefits for the clergy. The compensation package shall be reviewed yearly and recommendations made to the Annual Parish Meeting in the Parish Budget.

Additional clergy as appointed by the Diocesan Bishop shall assist the Rector. The provisions of Article II, Sections 2, 3 and 4, shall be applicable to them. In addition to the general pastoral duties, such additional clergy shall be responsible for those specific duties in the assignment in concurrence with the Rector and Parish Council as approved by the Diocesan Bishop.

A parishioner is one who, by virtue of Baptism and Chrismation, is a member of the Body of Christ and incorporated into a local parish community as a parish member.

A parishioner has a reasonable expectation for pastoral care in accordance with the Orthodox tradition. He or she enjoys full benefits of participation in parish life. He or she has the duty to sustain, strengthen and witness to the Orthodox Faith; to live according to the teaching of the Church; to participate in the religious services; to partake of the Holy Sacraments; to fulfill acts of Christian mercy; to support and help the Church. A voting member has accepted the right, privilege, and responsibility to vote in Parish Meetings. A voting member may be considered for election to office in appropriate parish bodies.

A voting member is eligible for election as a delegate to the Diocesan Assembly and the All-American Council.

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A voting member of the Parish shall fulfill the following requirements:. Voting membership in two or more Parishes of the Orthodox Church is not permitted. The Parish Council and Rector are responsible for submitting annually the census and membership information to the office of the Diocesan Bishop, in accordance with the form as determined in current Diocesan directives.

Orthodox Spiritual Life

The Parish Council together with the Rector shall, within its jurisdiction, initiate action to remove from voting membership that person who:. Action to remove rights of voting membership shall be referred to higher Diocesan Authority in the manner set forth in the current Diocesan directives.

In the absence of a quorum at the Annual Parish Meeting, that Meeting may be adjourned to a time determined by the majority of voting members present at that Meeting.

At the Adjourned Meeting those in attendance shall constitute a quorum at that Meeting, except that in the event of any Special Meeting or any subject matter at an Annual Meeting pertaining to the amendment of these By-Laws, the acquisition or alienation of Parish property or capital expenditures, or the dissolution of the Parish, the quorum requirements outlined in Article VI, Section 2 Real Property , Article VIII, Section 1 Amendments , and Article VI, Section 5 Dissolution , as applicable, must be applied. At no Parish Meeting, either annual or special, shall the voting members take any action which is contrary to or not in accord with the Statutes.

Should there be any such conflict, the Statutes shall prevail. Should there be a question whether an action of the voting members is valid or lawful under this Statutes, the issue shall be submitted to the Diocesan Authority for determination. Two copies of the Minutes of a Parish Meeting, Annual or Special, signed by the Secretary of the Meeting and the Rector, including financial data and attached reports, if any, shall be sent to the Diocesan Bishop with an additional copy to the District Dean within thirty 30 days of such Meeting.

Much more than documents.

The Rector and the Parish Council shall administer the work of the local church cooperatively. The Parish Council shall serve the local church in implementing its mission, ensuring proper stewardship of its finances and properties, and promoting the unity of the Body of Christ. Any vacancy, with the exception of the office of Warden, whose vacancy is automatically filled by the Assistant Warden, shall be filled by the Parish Council by electing a successor therefore with confirmation by the Rector, for the remainder of the vacated term. As far as possible all special bequests, gifts and devises should be used by the Parish for the purpose for which they were made.

The Bible In The Orthodox Church: The Old Testament (Discovering Orthodox Christianity)

In the event the purpose of such gift, devise, or bequest is not feasible or practical, as so determined by the Parish Council and Rector, an alternate use may be determined by the Parish Council and Rector upon consultation with the donor or the estate representative and, if necessary, the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General.

The Parish is an integral part of the Orthodox Church in America; therefore in the event the Parish were to decide to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church in America without canonical release, the Orthodox Church in America or its successors shall be entitled to full title to all the Parish assets and property. In the event that a group in the Parish decides to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church in America without canonical release, that segment of the Parish which remains loyal to the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church in America shall retain full title to all the Parish assets and property.

Prior to any discussion of a vote to dissolve the Parish, the Warden shall have a count taken of all voting members present and qualified to vote in accordance with Article III, Section 1, herein. Additionally, the Warden shall announce by name all signed proxies in his receipt for voting members not able to attend but otherwise qualified to vote under Article III, Section 1, herein. The written proxies presented shall contain a statement by the proxy voter either agreeing or disagreeing to dissolution of the Parish signed by the proxy voter.

The proxy form will be approved by the Parish Council prior to mailing to parishioners who request the form. Requested proxy forms shall be mailed at least thirty 30 days in advance of the meeting and returned to the Parish not later than fourteen 14 days prior to the scheduled Parish Meeting. Those who have reposed have entered into a death that is not permanent because of this embrace. Basil wishes to acknowledge Chad Bird, who wrote an article that inspired this one. The church utilizes the same simple rectangular footprint the Chapel is exploring but features a soaring roofline that draws attention upward.

Our chapel continues to work toward a plan for a building that is within our financial limits of what we could accomplish during coffee hour discussions, we decided to move to a building committee format. The committee, which is open to all Holy Trinity members, meets roughly weekly usually Thursdays at the Chapel , for about two hours at a time. The goal has been to determine our needs in areas such as narthex layout, building aesthetic including roofline , and altar size.


At our first meeting, to get a real sense of the size of our proposed narthex, we broke out the masking tape. Within that we could see how large everything would be. Things like bathrooms that seemed too big or small on paper, looked reasonable when laid out on the garage floor. We could imagine a hallway lined with coat hooks on one side and a greeting table to hold a guest book, candles, etc. There was even room for our kitchen-in-a-closet, which could hold a sink, refrigerator, microwave, and coffee service, all hidden behind bi-fold doors.

Most importantly, it allowed us to see how much space remained for people to gather in the narthex. The narthex plays a vital role in several services, being the place where lityas, baptisms, chrismations, and betrothals are served.

Orthopraxis and Theosis – The role of ritual in the training of the mind

It is where the first-time visitor can take a moment to look around, adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings before going in further. Thus, after services, we will gather there for fellowship and meals, and at other times for classes, meetings, and the like. We want to have enough space for people to be in the narthex for all of these different uses, and ensure that the secondary functions—food and fellowship—do not distract from its primary ones.

We sifted through numerous photos of historical churches, particularly those in the New World that would fit our criteria. The most popular one so far features a nave with high walls and a hip roof, crowned with a square cupola and three-bar cross, with gabled narthex and altar, as used in a church now torn down in Woody Island, Alaska, and similar to the Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church in Kenai, Alaska, a National Historic Landmark since Parish Council has called for a vote on proposed changes to the bylaws that govern Holy Trinity at a special meeting of all its members.

In addition to codifying practices that have become standard practice over the past several years, the bylaw amendments primarily pertain to the governance and eventual transfer of parochial missions, including the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. The Parish Council will see additional structural changes should the bylaws be amended.

Under the new provisions, members at the annual meeting may expand or eventually reduce the number of officers who serve on the Parish Council with a supermajority vote of quorum the redefinition of which is also under consideration , so long as there are at least six on the Council at all times. A summary page of all the bylaw changes are available here. The current and proposed bylaws presented in parallel form are now available to download hardcopies will be made available in the Narthex.

There will also be an open hearing on the bylaw amendments at the March Parish Council meeting on Wednesday, March 13 at 7 p. During the two-hour event, we will have access to one of the basketball courts, plus the game room and other facilities. The event is open not only to the Chapel and the broader Snyder County community, but also to the families at Holy Trinity in State College. The MACC usually closes at 5 p. There will be no fundraisers or captive-audience evangelism. Rather, we only want the opportunity to meet more of the people we aim to serve, to see them as children of God, and to make clear that our young Orthodox community desires to be fully a part of our neighborhood.

What can really help make the event a success is for some of the families from State College to join us in our service.

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A good turnout from the hosts is essential to the success of an event like this one, so there are lots of people for our guests to meet and share in the fun. In order to have a temple to bring those guests to, the Chapel is continuing work on a building design, with the intent to have our plan ready for broader approval by the end of this month. While specifics are still being hammered out, current proposals under discussion all offer a total of between 1, and 1, square feet of space—divided between narthex, nave, and altar—with options for expan-sion when the need arises. We are carefully weigh-ing our storage needs in view of the expected uses, making as much use of the space as we possibly can.

As always, the Chapel of the Holy Spirit needs your prayers for our efforts to build and to evangelize in Snyder County. Please consider adding the following to your prayer list: for the Chapel faithful, for our progress on the building project, for our proclamation in Snyder and Union counties, and for Conestoga Wood Specialties in their ongoing stand for life.

Chapel of the Holy Spirit | Holy Trinity Orthodox Church | Page 2

If you want to support our building project financially, you are invited to do that, too. Thank you. These include contraceptives that act, or have the potential to act, as abortifacients i. Some of these companies with leaders guided by Christian beliefs have responded with legal action. The most prominent of these is Hobby Lobby, a chain of arts and craft stores, but closer to home the law has also been challenged by Conestoga Wood Specialties based in East Earl, Pennsylvania. After an initial injunction, the U.