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According to the orientation video , the station's purpose was to monitor the inhabitants of the Swan via a video surveillance system - particularly with an eye towards monitoring their psychological state as they continued to perform their duties. The video also appeared to imply that " pushing the button " was of no significance.

However, other evidence suggests that the Pearl staff themselves were the ones who were subjects of an experiment, rather than those they were monitoring. It should be noted that the Pearl was built well before the Swan, so likely had a different mission earlier in its history.

The Pearl Orientation video was discovered in one of the station's cupboards. The video was hosted by a man who introduced himself as Dr. Mark Wickmund who was, in fact, Dr. Pierre Chang. While not referred to directly, video feeds from the Swan were visible in the background on some of the Pearl station's monitors. Wickmund noted that the subjects seen on the monitors were unaware that they were under observation or that they were subjects in an experiment.

Team members would take an eight hour shift, recording their observations carefully in provided notebooks. Each time a notebook was filled, it was to be placed in a pneumatic tube where it would be immediately transported to their superiors. At the conclusion of their shift, the staff would be transported back to the Barracks via the Pala Ferry. The use of the word "projects" by Dr. Wickmund suggests that other stations on the Island may have been monitored from the Pearl.

The Pearl station was located entirely underground. A ladder descended from a hatch set into the ground into a short corridor which led into a large octagonal room. While there was a bathroom, there were no living quarters as the Pearl's staff only served in eight hours shifts. The station appeared to have sustained some damage over the years: there were missing panels in the roof, loose wires hanging from the monitors, and signs of neglect.

The entrance to the Pearl was a large hatch set into the ground at the foot of a large cliff in the middle of the jungle. A large area of ground in proximity to the hatch was cleared and salted so as to create the giant symbol of a question mark.

The salt kept the symbol from being overgrown by the jungle and it was of sufficient size to make it clearly visible from the air. This area was also the crash site of the drug smugglers' plane , which later fell and was used by the Others as additional concealment for the station's entrance. The station entrance itself was a large two-door octagonal hatch. Below a ladder descended into the station's underground interior.


At the foot of the ladder, a short corridor led into the central location of the Pearl: a large octagonal chamber. One end of the room was taken up by a large bank of monitors with two comfortable chairs set in front of them where the Pearl staff would perform their surveillance activities. Set along one wall was a recessed counter with a computer and associated printer. The room also contained a U-matic VCR capable of playing the videos on the monitors.

One end of the room was entirely taken up by a large monitor bank consisting of nine screens. The monitors were configured in a 3x3 array and numbered, columns first. Each monitor had three circular operational dials aligned in a vertical column.

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The upper two had similar designs, but the lower dial was different and was about twice the size. To activate the monitors, Locke used the big dial to turn on screens 1 through 3 and the upper small dial to turn on screen 7 upper right. Screen 7 received a live video surveillance feed from the kitchen of the Swan station , showing Jack , while all the other screens displayed static.

Screen 5 was used to display the Pearl's orientation video , and Ben was able to manipulate it to display the same feed as screen 7. Above the monitors, mounted on the wall, were three speakers which likely transmitted audio from the stations under surveillance. It was revealed that the Pearl was designed to monitor several stations at once. Sayid managed to patch a signal in from the Flame.

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  • During this transmission, a resident of this station, Mikhail , became aware he was being observed and shut off the camera. Similar banks of monitors were been found at the Flame , the Hydra , and the security room at the Barracks.

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    It is unknown if these camera feeds were connected. Two padded comfortable chairs sat before the monitors, each with a table and magnifying viewing lens mounted on an adjustable arm assembly. Several rocker-switches sat on the left arm of the chairs and on the right chair a dial could be used to dim or increase the room lights. On Paulo's visit to the Pearl to hide the diamonds, one of the tables contained what appeared to be the stubbed-out ashes of a cigarette. These were later seen by Locke and Eko in their discovery of the station.

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