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By the middle of the 18th century, Paris stunk. The reek of decomposing flesh attained epidemic proportions in certain areas of the city, including, most troublingly, the area around the main food market of Les Halles. Some of the bone decorations are over years old. Once you included the rest of the city cemeteries the count came to roughly 6 million sets of remains that needed to be disinterred and reburied somewhere else for the greater public good.

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  5. Given the religious nature of the original burials, they could not simply be dug up and thrown around willy nilly, either — they would have to be re-buried with some form of ritual in one of the largest transmissions of human remains in history. A tunnel leading down into the Paris Catacombs. Fortuitously for the nascent Paris Catacombs project, the city sat directly above some miles of limestone tunnels that had been carved out to provide the very stones from which the city was built.

    The tunnels were so extensive that by the 19th century the weight of the city above was creating giant sinkholes into which entire buildings and blocks were collapsing. No pressure, then. By the tunnels were stable and the remains of dead Parisians were being dug up every night and transferred into them. Crowds have been lining up to take Paris Catacombs tours for over one hundred years.

    The Story of Oenone and Paris

    Above ground, public works went on hold for a few years while France had a revolution, executed a lot of people, and then slowly started to rebuild. When Napoleon marched to power on the back of the Revolution he inherited a medieval city that was in the throws of rapid modernization. Given that Rome, which was considered the preeminent monumental city in Europe, already had its much-vaunted system of Catacombs that intrepid tourists could visit, Napoleon decided that France needed something similar.

    Despite the ritual with which they were transferred, the bones had simply been dumped into the tunnels in large heaps. Slowly but surely the quarrymen lined the walls with tibias and femurs punctuated with skulls which form the basis of most of the decorations that tourists see today.

    The Judgement of Paris (), Rubens: Analysis

    Both out of whimsy and to convey deeper religious messages about death, they also arranged bones in various shapes, like hearts, circles and death heads. They erected signs which serve as commemorative plaques and carved arrows into the ceilings so the first people visiting on catacomb tours who were seeing everything by the eerie flicker of candlelight would not lose their way. Can you imagine enjoying a concert surrounded by walls like this?

    Just before his birth, his mother dreamed that she gave birth to a flaming torch. This dream was interpreted by the seer Aesacus as a foretelling of the downfall of Troy, and he declared that the child would be the ruin of his homeland. On the day of Paris's birth, it was further announced by Aesacus that the child born of a royal Trojan that day would have to be killed to spare the kingdom, being the child that would bring about the prophecy. Though Paris was indeed born before nightfall, he was spared by Priam. Hecuba was also unable to kill the child, despite the urging of the priestess of Apollo , one Herophile.

    Instead, Paris's father prevailed upon his chief herdsman, Agelaus , to remove the child and kill him. The herdsman, unable to use a weapon against the infant, left him exposed on Mount Ida , hoping he would perish there cf. He was, however, suckled by a she-bear.

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    He returned to Priam bearing a dog's tongue as evidence of the deed's completion. Paris's noble birth was betrayed by his outstanding beauty and intelligence. While still a child, he routed a gang of cattle-thieves and restored the animals they had stolen to the herd, thereby earning the surname Alexander "protector of men". She was a nymph from Mount Ida in Phrygia. Her father was Cebren , a river-god or, according to other sources, she was the daughter of Oeneus.

    She was skilled in the arts of prophecy and medicine , which she had been taught by Rhea and Apollo , respectively. When Paris later left her for Helen, she told him that if he ever was wounded, he should come to her, for she could heal any injury, even the most serious wounds. Paris's chief distraction at this time was to pit Agelaus's bulls against one another.

    One bull began to win these bouts consistently.

    Paris Story Latest News

    Paris began to set it against rival herdsmen's own prize bulls and it defeated them all. Finally, Paris offered a golden crown to any bull that could defeat his champion. Ares responded to this challenge by transforming himself into a bull and easily winning the contest. Paris gave the crown to Ares without hesitation. It was this apparent honesty in judgment that prompted the gods of Olympus to have Paris arbitrate the divine contest between Hera , Aphrodite , and Athena.

    Every deity and demi-god had been invited, except Eris , the goddess of strife no one wanted a troublemaker at a wedding. The goddesses thought to be the most beautiful were Hera , Athena , and Aphrodite , and each one claimed the apple. They started a quarrel so they asked Zeus to choose one of them. Knowing that choosing any of them would bring him the hatred of the other two, Zeus did not want to take part in the decision.

    The Unbelievable Story of the Paris Catacombs

    He thus appointed Paris to select the most beautiful. Escorted by Hermes , the three goddesses bathed in the spring of Mount Ida and approached Paris as he herded his cattle.

    How Paris Became One Of The World’s Most Iconic Cities

    Having been given permission by Zeus to set any conditions he saw fit, Paris required that the goddesses undress before him [5] alternatively, the goddesses themselves chose to disrobe to show all their beauty. Still, Paris could not decide, as all three were ideally beautiful, so the goddesses attempted to bribe him to choose among them.

    Hera offered ownership of all of Europe and Asia. Athena offered skill in battle, wisdom and the abilities of the greatest warriors. Aphrodite offered the love of the most beautiful woman on Earth: Helen of Sparta. Paris chose Aphrodite and therefore Helen. Helen was already married to King Menelaus of Sparta a fact Aphrodite neglected to mention , so Paris had to raid Menelaus's house to steal Helen from him - according to some accounts, she fell in love with Paris and left willingly.

    This triggered the war because Helen was famous for her beauty throughout Achaea ancient Greece , and had many suitors of extraordinary ability. Therefore, following Odysseus 's advice, her father Tyndareus made all suitors promise to defend Helen's marriage to the man he chose for her. When Paris took her to Troy, Menelaus invoked this oath. Thus, the whole of Greece moved against Troy in force and the Trojan War began.

    Homer's Iliad casts Paris as unskilled and cowardly.