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It highlights that 4. In October, the Commission proposed creating the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived in order to support the distribution of food or basic goods to children suffering from poverty. Holder Jr. The crisis is having a huge impact in Europe. All of this has resulted in widespread public intervention, which ultimately passes on the problem to taxpayers and to those citizens most affected by the budget cuts. Does the Commission intend to support some form of legal action at European level or to coordinate claims action taken by Member States with a view to demanding that credit rating agencies be made accountable for the damage to public finances caused by their malpractice?

Margallo respeta los principios de subsidiariedad y proporcionalidad? Spain is not alone in this: just in Brussels, there are over regional offices representing all parts of Europe. The question whether, and, if so, to what extent, these principles also govern the internal polticial organisation of a Member State is a matter of national constitutional law. It is therefore not for the Commission to comment on the internal structures of a Member State. Am Der Kommission sind die Einzelheiten dieses konkreten Falls nicht bekannt. The contamination involved the pesticides clopyralid and thiamethoxam and was caused by the Kwizda Agro Austria company.

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The Global environmental organisation reports that the authorities responsible failed over a period of two years to identify the contamination; then, when news of the incident became known, local people were given insufficient information about possible risks. The Commission has assessed the River Basin Management Plans of the Member States in and published a detailed implementation report on the findings per Member State. In respect of monitoring and public consultation the assessment found that Austria established the required system and procedures, though it identified some shortcomings that will be followed up with Austrian authorities.

For the present, the Commission sees no reason to doubt the validity of the monitoring provisions of the Water Framework Directive. The Commission is not aware of the details of the specific case. As mentioned above the Commission will raise all necessary shortcomings in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive with Austrian authorities in the context of the follow-up to the assessment of the River Basin Management Plans.

The vessel will also be conducting investigations within the EEZ of the Greek island of Kastelorizo, just off the Turkish coast. What action will the Commission take in response to this announcement by Turkey, of its intention to encroach on the territorial integrity of Cyprus and Greece which are EU Member States? The Council also expressed once again serious concern, and urged Turkey to avoid any kind of threat or action directed against a Member State, or source of friction or actions, which could damage good neighbourly relations and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

The Commission in its contacts with the Turkish authorities repeatedly conveys this message as appropriate. Dit geld is gedeeltelijk rechtstreeks door de eurolanden betaald en gedeeltelijk via het noodfonds EFSF uitgekeerd. De Rekenkamer stelt dat er over dit geld geen controle is. Waarom is er ook na geen controle uitgeoefend op de eerste tranches aan noodsteun?

De Europese Commissie levert geen commentaar op artikelen in de pers. De resultaten van deze controles zijn publiekelijk beschikbaar en kunnen via de website van de Europese Commissie worden geraadpleegd.

Umsatzsteuer 12 - Das Reihengeschäft

Part of this money was paid directly by the eurozone countries, and part of it via the emergency fund EFSF. The Court of Audit states that the use made of this money is not monitored.

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Why was there no monitoring of the use of the first instalments of emergency aid after either? What action will the Commission take in the light of the failure to monitor emergency aid?

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The European Commission does not comment on press articles. The financial assistance provided by the EFSF and the Greek Loan Facility is subject to a comprehensive macroeconomic adjustment programme with strict conditionality, the monitoring of which takes place on a quarterly basis. The results of this monitoring are publicly available and can be accessed through the European Commission's website.

More specifically, the results of the reviews of the Greek, Portuguese and Irish programmes can be found at the following weblinks. The European Food Safety Authority EFSA recently carried out and published a review of three neonicotinoid pesticides: clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam. Can the Commission explain why EFSA has used guidelines that have not yet been approved and authorised? Can the Commission ensure that any decision on policy will be based solely on technical assessments of the products in real conditions of use?

Can the Commission ensure that it will carry out a thorough comparative impact assessment, based on the substitution principle, of the use of alternative plant protection products that may result in restrictions on use of neonicotinoid pesticides? The Commission has no reasons to believe that the current authorised uses, as supported by industry, would not represent the actual conditions of use. Comparative assessment is exclusively done by the Member States and only for substances listed as candidates for substitution.

The Commission has no obligation to carry out a comparative assessment and the review of approval undertaken is not meant to classify neonicotinoids as candidates for substitution. What does the Commission intend to do if countries such as Malta continue to fail to prevent the illegal hunting of protected birds? The incident reported by Birdlife Malta was brought to the attention of the Commission in an earlier question.

Oggetto: Riconoscimento della lingua italiana dei segni. Quale sia, alla luce della presenza di varie e distinte risoluzioni ed enunciazioni di diritti, la reale situazione in ambito comunitario sul riconoscimento della lingua dei segni come lingua ufficiale;. Gli specifici provvedimenti volti a rispettare il diritto dei non udenti di utilizzare la lingua dei segni sono, principalmente, di competenza degli Stati membri. In Italy, sign language is not yet recognised as an official language for all purposes. Whether provision has been made for any measures to establish a harmonised European legal framework, with due protection of the subsidiarity principle, and if so, what those measures are?

The Commission is committed to the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to the extent of its competences. The specific measures needed in respect of the right of deaf persons to use sign language fall mainly within the competences of the Member States. A harmonised European legal framework in this area is not envisaged. However, the Commission supports Member States' action by fostering exchange of knowledge and awareness raising activities, including via its subsidy of the operating costs of the EUD under a three-year partnership agreement.

The aim is to ensure value for money by focusing EU funding on the highest quality proposals. The Commission is, however, working with national authorities to encourage more high quality proposals from all Member States. At that point it should be possible to see if the efforts have had any positive effects on the success rate. A parceria termina no final de It aims to contribute to the reduction of the cancer burden through health promotion and prevention; screening and early diagnosis; cancer-related healthcare; cooperation and coordination in cancer research and cancer data.

The Partnership will end in The Commission and Member States are now preparing a new Joint Action to continue addressing the burden of cancer. The aim is to develop a European guide on quality improvement in cancer control. The guide should address aspects of integrated cancer control, including prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, supportive and palliative care, and survivorship.

This will contribute to reaching the aims of the European Partnership Against Cancer, and will build on its achievements and on previous EU actions on cancer. The Commission's Joint Research Centre further carries out research on innovative and improved methods for cancer treatment and on development of certified reference materials for patient monitoring, and contributes to various common initiatives with Member States. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, is the first leader of the Islamic Republic to visit Egypt since Tehran severed diplomatic ties with the country in Some 4.

The Commission sees high unemployment in Spain and Greece as a serious problem. Besides the loss of production and income, joblessness is a source of social and human hardship. Thus, the Commission is of the view that no effort should be spared to address the social consequences of high unemployment and re-establish the conditions for sustained job creation. Labour market weaknesses characterised the Greek and the Spanish labour markets well before the start of the economic and financial crisis, most notably labour market segmentation in Spain and low employment and participation rates in Greece.

The debt crisis that hit these countries has made credible fiscal consolidation and structural reforms necessary conditions to restore confidence and re-establish fiscal solvency and foster economic growth over the medium term. Failing to undertake consolidation would result in a more acute fiscal crisis and much more disastrous effects on economic activity and employment.

For this reason, despite the very varied situations of the Member States listed by the Honourable Member, these countries, irrespective of a possible presence of financial assistance programmes, have been dovetailing efforts to put public finances on a sustainable track, while undertaking reforms to enhance adjustment capacity and improve competitiveness. These reforms are preconditions to promote job creation and tackle the labour market problems that these countries were already experiencing when their economies were growing fast.

Em os representantes das redes rurais nacionais foram convidados a participar nos seguintes eventos:. Em conformidade com o artigo The National Rural Network is a structure linking active players in rural development who wish to share their experiences and expertise, improve performance and obtain better results.

Rural development actors from any part of the country may join the National Rural Network. The Swiss authorities are considering invoking a safeguard clause on the free movement of persons, under an agreement concluded with the European Union, to prevent the entry of immigrants from southern Europe, including Portuguese, Spanish and Italian citizens.

According to the French newspaper Les Echos , Switzerland does not want to become a refuge for the destitute of Europe. Switzerland is a leading destination for Portuguese immigrants, and they form the largest foreign community in the country. The Commission has not received any official communication from Switzerland regarding a possible extension of the quantitative restrictions to the nationals of Member States. According to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change , greater dependence on biofuel could lead to not only a reduction in agricultural production for human consumption, but also to an escalation in food prices.

This study, authored by a group of British researchers from Lancaster University in England, predicts that biofuel cultivation may add to pollution, despite reducing emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 compared with fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas.

e-book Umsatzsteuer bei ärztlichen Gutachten (German Edition)

Is the Commission aware of this report? Assessing the impacts of planting 72 Mha of short rotation coppice poplar, willow or eucalyptus on ozone pollution and its effects on human health and crop yields, the study suggests that not only greenhouse gas emissions should be the criteria when policies concerning biofuels are developed. The Commission assesses a range of impacts when it develops policy initiatives, including for biofuels. However, the Commission's analyses have not considered the impacts suggested by the above study, and the Commission cannot confirm their validity or relevance.

What will it do to address the fact that the recession in Europe is predicted to last until ? Taking swift and ambitious action on both EU and national level along these lines will contribute to mitigating negative short term economic developments while laying the foundations for a return to sustainable growth and jobs creation.

The ECB has expressed concerns about the crisis in Cyprus and possible contagion in the euro area, especially at a time when Ireland and Portugal are trying to return to the markets. The Commission is aware of the decisions of some EU banks to repay partially the amounts allotted in the longer-term refinancing operations LTRO. However, an important part of the liquidity injected through the 3-year LTROs will still remain in the banking system. In addition, returning some excess liquidity may be actually a signal of the return of confidence in EU banks. Such signs may allow banks to consider transferring the costly liquidity buffers they still hold towards lending to the economy.

The Commission is also concerned about recessionary risks in Europe. To address concerns about dysfunctions in the credit flow towards the economy, the Commission has recently tabled proposals for a Banking Union to strengthen the financial institutional framework in Europe. Confidence in the banking system is a pre-requisite for a continuous flow of bank lending towards the economy. Is it possible to lengthen the maturity of loans from the Troika to the bailed-out countries?

Does the Commission believe that lengthening the maturity of loans would foster economic growth in these countries? A number of legal, technical and financial issues have to examined in this context.

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The eventual decision whether and, if yes, in which format to lengthen the maturities of loans is in the hands of the Council and of the euro area Member States. The extension of IMF loans is not considered. The extension of EU loan maturities in an appropriate format could help Portugal and Ireland to ease market access.