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Copy URL. See all articles by Luann J. Lynch Luann J. Abstract Students are presented with excerpts from the significant-accounting-policies footnote in Walt Disney's Annual Report, and are asked to respond to several questions regarding information in the footnote. Lynch, Luann J.

Luann J. Register to save articles to your library Register. Paper statistics. Michael J. Ross L. Feedback to SSRN. Eastern, Monday - Friday. Walt Disney—Revenue Recognition. Total Price:. Retained earnings. Accumulated other comprehensive loss. Treasury stock, at cost, 1. Noncontrolling interests. Total equity. Total liabilities and equity.

Revenue of the Walt Disney Company in 2018, by operating segment

Cash distributions received from equity investees. Net change in film and television costs and advances. Equity-based compensation. Changes in operating assets and liabilities:. Cash provided by operations.

Business insight disneys revenue recognition the walt

Investments in parks, resorts and other property. Cash used in investing activities. Commercial paper borrowings, net.

Reduction of borrowings. Repurchases of common stock. Proceeds from exercise of stock options. Cash used in financing activities. Impact of exchange rates on cash and cash equivalents. Change in cash and cash equivalents. Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of period. Cash and cash equivalents, end of period. January 2, Beginning balance. Equity compensation activity. Common stock repurchases.

BUSINESS INSIGHT Disneys Revenue Recognition The Walt Disney Company uses a

Distributions and other. Ending balance. Principles of Consolidation. Accordingly, they do not include all of the information and footnotes required by GAAP for complete financial statements. We believe that we have included all normal recurring adjustments necessary for a fair presentation of the results for the interim period. Certain reclassifications have been made in the prior-year financial statements to conform to the current-year presentation.

The Company enters into relationships or investments with other entities that may be a variable interest entity VIE.

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A VIE is consolidated in the financial statements if the Company has the power to direct activities that most significantly impact the economic performance of the VIE and has the obligation to absorb losses or the right to receive benefits from the VIE that could potentially be significant to the VIE as defined by ASC Company subsidiaries the Management Companies have management agreements with the International Theme Parks, which provide the Management Companies, subject to certain protective rights of joint venture partners, with the ability to direct the day-to-day operating activities and the development of business strategies that we believe most significantly impact the economic performance of the International Theme Parks.

In addition, the Management Companies receive management fees under these arrangements that we believe could be significant to the International Theme Parks. Therefore, the Company has consolidated the International Theme Parks in its financial statements. Segment Information.

The operating segments reported below are the segments of the Company for which separate financial information is available and for which segment results are evaluated regularly by the Chief Executive Officer in deciding how to allocate resources and in assessing performance. Segment operating results reflect earnings before corporate and unallocated shared expenses, restructuring and impairment charges, interest expense, income taxes and noncontrolling interests.

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Segment operating income includes equity in the income of investees. Corporate and unallocated shared expenses principally consist of corporate functions, executive management and certain unallocated administrative support functions. Equity in the income of investees is included in segment operating income as follows:. Media Networks.

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Parks and Resorts. Equity in the income of investees included in segment operating income. Vice Gain. Total equity in the income of investees. Vice Vice Gain. See Note 3 for further discussion of the transaction. Segment revenues and segment operating income are as follows:. Revenues 1 :. Studio Entertainment. A reconciliation of segment operating income to income before income taxes is as follows:.

Segment operating income. Corporate and unallocated shared expenses. Vice is a media company targeting a millennial audience through news and pop culture content and creative brand integration. Commercial paper with original maturities less than three months 1. Commercial paper with original maturities greater than three months. International Theme Parks borrowings.

Foreign currency denominated debt and other 2.